Digital Badges

Florida colleges and universities are working with employers to develop digital badges that highlight the skills students learn.

Benefits of Digital Badges

Digital badges allow you to showcase your achievements and the skills you have learned through related coursework. With a digital badge, you can

  • Include on your resumé, college co-curricular transcript, job applications, social media and more
  • Learn about competencies employers are looking for in your field
  • Identify open positions linked to the skills and competencies identified in the badges you have earned
  • Distinguish yourself from other candidates and applicants

There is no additional cost to receive the badge. The digital badge is earned by completion of general education core courses, which are already built into associate in science, associate in arts and baccalaureate degree programs. Florida's 12 state universities and 28 state colleges will automatically award the badge upon completion of the required coursework. And because the badge will appear on your FASTER transcript, it will be accepted by all Florida institutions should you choose to transfer.

Currently available digital badges

Digital badges are meant to help students translate what you have learned in general education courses to the knowledge, skills, and abilities that employers require, to re-frame student learning outcomes in the context of what you need to succeed in the world of work. 

The intent is to develop a series of digital badges that students may earn upon general education core course(s) completion. See the full catalog for more information about digital badges

  • Fundamentals of Written Communication - Students will earn the Fundamentals in Written Communication digital badge upon completion of this course with a grade of C or better.