Associate in Arts


The associate in arts (AA) degree is designed primarily to help you meet the requirements to transfer to the upper division level of a college or university to continue to work toward a bachelor’s degree.

HCC prepares you for hundreds of possible transfer majors, each of which has a distinct listing of common prerequisite courses designated by the Florida State University System (SUS). To ensure accuracy when you select courses, please meet with an HCC academic advisor.

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Accounting and Business

Business Administration and Entrepreneurship prepare you to transfer to pursue bachelor's degrees in accounting, economics, finance, insurance, marketing, management and entrepreneurship.

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Architecture and Building Trades

Architecture  and Building Construction  are designed for students with an interest in the areas of architectural design, interior design, landscape architecture and building construction.

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The Mass Communications pathway will prepare you to transfer for a Bachelor's degree in mass communications, journalism, advertising, public relations, education or telecommunications.

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Prepare to pursue a bachelor's degree in education or mathematics education with the goal of becoming a teacher. Find out more: General Teacher Preparation and Math Education Teacher Preparation.

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Our Engineering pathway is for students who wish to pursue bachelor's degrees in electrical, mechanical, civil, computer science, aerospace, nuclear, agricultural, industrial, and environmental engineering. 

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The Agriculture pathway is for students who plan to pursue a Bachelor's degree in agricultural fields such as agricultural education, media, engineering, agronomy, animal science, forestry, plant science, and food science.

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Health and Medical

These AA pathways focus on the fields of health and medicine: Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Public Health and Veterinary.

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Hospitality and Culinary

The Hospitality Administration Management pathway is ideal for students who want to pursue bachelor's degrees in the field of hospitality.

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Transfer tracks in Foreign Language, Humanities, Philosophy and Religious Studies will help you broaden your views and apply your studies toward a bachelor's degree.

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Information Technology

Computer Information Systems and Computer Science Engineering will start you on the right path to pursue a bachelor's degree when you transfer.

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Law, Public Safety and Security

If you want to pursue a bachelor's degree in law, criminal justice or sociology, our Criminology pathway is an excellent choice for you.

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Math and Science

Pathways in Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics will prepare you to transfer to a college or university to continue your studies in those fields.

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Performing Arts

Our pathways in Dance, Theatre and Music will prepare you to further your training at the university level.

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Social and Behavioral Sciences

Our social sciences prepare you to continue your studies at the university level in the following areas of interest Anthropology, History, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology

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Visual Arts and Design

The Art pathway and Graphic Design pathway will prepare you to pursue a bachelor's degree in fine arts, art history, art education, design, graphic or commercial art.