Third Party Sponsors

HCC accepts payments from entities who wish to pay a student’s bill. These entities are referred to as sponsors. Sponsorships are accepted when the sponsor pays for ten or more students. However, if the sponsor is a governmental entity, a sponsorship will be accepted if paying for five or more students. If part or all of your account will be paid by a sponsor for the current term, bring a signed sponsorship form (ex. letter, voucher, authorization) from your sponsor or have your sponsor request an HCC Third Party Agreement Form. The completed and signed form needs to be submitted to the cashier's office. A new form is needed each semester. If a sponsor fails to pay charges upon receipt of the invoice, you will be responsible for all charges.

Submit sponsorship forms prior to the semester’s payment due date to avoid being de-registered and to avoid late registration fees.

If you register on or after the payment due date and do not have a sponsorship form on file for the current term, you must pay in full at the time you register.

Sponsorship forms will not be accepted after the last day to drop classes.