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The Hillsborough Community College Student Services Department is pleased to offer a host of personal support services and resources to students at each of the five HCC campuses. 

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Meet with a Counselor

HCC counselors are available to assist students with a variety of issues in a professional, confidential environment. Their goal is to promote emotional health and wellness among our entire student population. 

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Student Assistance Program

HCC’s Student Assistance Program offers resources tailored to student life, providing you with the right tools to help you through some of life's toughest challenges. HCC has contracted with BayCare Life Management who provide FREE professional 
and confidential counseling services. 

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

HCC strives to maintain a healthy, safe community for our students, faculty and staff. To that end, we are committed to providing a drug-free workplace and learning environment. The Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program provides information about health risks, legal sanctions, and resources.