HCC Login

Your HCC login and instructions are included in your acceptance email. Your login is what you will use to access HCC online services like the MyHCC Portal, where you can check your Hawkmail email and register for classes. 

Set up your HCC Login

Setting up your HCC Login for the first time

  • Go to https://my.hccfl.edu
  • Enter your Hawkmail email address (located in the email you will receive after you are accepted) and default password, which is the upper-case letter of your first name, lower-case letter of your last name, followed by your student ID number (i.e., Ab0999999).
  • When prompted, reset your default password to one of your choosing. Password Requirements:
    • At least 8 characters long
    • Contain a combination of at least three (3) of the following types of characters:
      • Uppercase letters
      • Lowercase letters
      • Numbers
      • Symbols (! $ # %, etc.)
    • Passwords cannot contain in whole or in part:
      • Your Hawkmail email address
      • Your first name
      • Your last name
  • Follow the instructions to secure your Microsoft account. Microsoft will ask for two alternative methods to verify your identity. The recommended sign-in method is the Microsoft Authenticator app. Download it now from the Google Play or Apple Store.

Secure your Account

While setting up your HCC login for the first time, you will be prompted by Microsoft to provide two alternative methods to verify your identity upon login. The Microsoft Authenticator App is the recommended method for HCC students. 

More Information and Support

Information on common two-factor verification issues, as well as quick solutions can be found in our Troubleshooting article. 

Help for Returning HCC Students

If you last attended HCC prior to September 2021, you may have issues logging in due to never having set up alternative methods to verify identity. If you are unable to login using your default password or reset your existing account, you will need to contact our IT helpdesk at 1-877-736-2575 or submit a ticket with the online support center.

Check or Change your Security Settings

If you need to check or change the methods you use to sign into your account or reset your password, login to Microsoft with your HCC login. 
Manage your Account