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Student Government Association

Student Government Association (SGA) enables students to actively participate in the programs and policy-making procedures at HCC by serving as the means of communication between students and the administration. All students are members of SGA. Each campus has an SGA with its own president, executive board and senate. It is the responsibility of the SGA to spend, in a fair and equitable manner, the student activities fees which each student pays in his/her tuition.

Students interested in serving as senators are required to apply for a position, be enrolled at the campus they plan to represent and be of good academic standing (i.e., minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average for all courses attempted inclusive of college preparatory). First-term HCC students are exempt from this requirement.

All campus SGA Executive Boards comprise the Inter-Campus Coordinating Council of Students (ICCCS). ICCCS meetings are held on a campus rotation basis, several times during each full term.

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Your SGA Questions Answered

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