Options for High School Students

Dual Enrollment
Dual Enrolled High School Students can earn college credit by attending college-level courses taught by HCC instructors at an HCC campus before, during, or after high school and during the summer, or at an identified high school during the regular class day. Credits for the courses satisfactorily completed will apply toward both the high school diploma and toward an associate or baccalaureate degree. Students in this program are not required to pay the application fee when applying for the dual enrollment program or upon subsequent enrollment at the College. Dual Enrollment students are exempt from the payment of registration, matriculation, and laboratory fees.  Dual Enrollment Website

Early Admission
Early admission is a form of Dual Enrollment. Students are admitted through the early admission option of dual enrollment when they register at HCC as a full-time student (12 or more credits) during their senior year of high school. Credits for the courses completed satisfactorily at HCC will apply toward the high school diploma and toward an associate or baccalaureate degree. Application fees are
waived for students accepted through the early admission program. Tuition is waived for early admissions students for all courses taken through this program while they are still in high school.  Early Admission Website

Advanced Placement
High school students may receive credit for courses completed in the National High School Advanced Placement Program (AP), on the basis of College Board AP scores of three (3), four (4) and five (5) on any of the examinations in the program, with no letter grades or grade points assigned. The following guidelines apply to the AP Program:
A. Students will be required to take the College Board AP examinations at their respective high schools prior to graduation from the high school.
B. The College will specify the course(s) for which the credit was awarded.
C. College Board AP credit that duplicates CLEP credit will not be awarded or accepted in transfer.
D. Students will not receive advanced placement credit for courses taken as regular college courses.

Articulation Agreements
Hillsborough Community College has articulation agreements with institutions to allow students to transfer in credits from high school. These agreements award HCC credit for approved Career Technical Education (CTE) courses completed while in high school. Visit our Articulation Agreement Website for more information.

International Baccalaureate
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is a rigorous two-year, pre-university liberal arts program of study for highly motivated, academically oriented secondary students. The IB Diploma is awarded only to students who meet curricular, service, and thesis requirements and score at the prescribed level on internationally standardized subject examinations. Through the IB program, students may be awarded up to 30 credit hours. No grades will be assigned to credits awarded through the IB Program. Students will not receive credit for IB courses that duplicate credit awarded for courses attended at HCC or credit that was awarded through other
accelerated programs, (i.e., AP, CLEP, credit by examination, etc.). To determine eligibility for IB credit, the student should contact any HCC campus Academic Advisor or Counselor.  NOTE: To see course equivalencies and related information, refer to www.flvc.org