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What is HawkGPS?

HawkGPS (Graduation Planning System) has launched  at HCC! HawkGPS guides your degree planning to help you stay on track and graduate on time. Powered by EduNav, HawkGPS will help you plan, register, and collaborate with your Academic Advisor on your academic pathway while at HCC.





HawkGPS Features

  • Visualize your path to graduation term by term.
  • See your estimated graduation date and understand how any changes to your plan may affect your graduation timeline in real time.
  • Develop a semester schedule using individual preferences and circumstances.
  • Plan, schedule, and register for courses all in one place!

Supported Programs

Below are the academic programs currently supported and those that will be coming soon! Programs include Associate in Science degrees and Fuse and IGNITE Associate in Arts transfer tracks. Our Associate in Arts and remaining technical degrees and certificates will be available by Summer 2020.


HawkGPS works best when paired with consistent Academic Advising support. Additional help including video tutorials can be found by clicking “Help” in the top right hand corner of your HawkGPS account.

When will my program be added?

The HCC HawkGPS Team is working hard to add additional degree programs to the system. Our goal is for every HCC program to be added to HawkGPS by the end of Summer 2020!