VA 5238_072

Debt Prevention

The following can be considered misuse of VA funds and can cause overpayments to HCC and/or the VA, which must be repaid.

  1. Student is withdrawn for non-attendance ("WN").*
  2. Student withdraws ("W") from class(es).*
  3. Registering for courses that do not apply toward the student's HCC degree.
  4. Repeating a course that has received a passing grade.
  5. Auditing a course that the student expects to be certified.
  6. If electives are transferred in upon receipt of your prior credit(s), these electives will always be used first toward your degree. If you are planning on taking elective course(s), be sure not to exceed the maximum number of credits allowed for your specific degree in the catalog you are following.

*Please report these changes to your SCO within three (3) days.