Contracts: 6.06


Title: CONTRACTS Identification: 6.06
Effective Date: 6/11/13
SBE 6A-14.0261
FS 1001.64; 1001.65
Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This procedure provides guidelines for processing and approving contracts.


The Office of the College Attorney is the Hillsborough Community College’s [HCC] Contract Office, which in conjunction with the Purchasing Department, will maintain the original executed copy of all institutional contracts for the College. No other office will maintain original copies of agreements.

All agreements, contracts and all other such documents will be submitted for review and approval as to form to the College Attorney prior to execution and delivery to external entities/organizations. In accordance with the administrative procedure on Purchasing, there are authorization levels for approving contracts based on the total amount of the contract.

No agreement or contract or other such document will be executed by a person on behalf of HCC which contains indemnification and insurance provisions without legal review and approval by the College Attorney.

Each office executing an instrument on behalf of HCC should maintain a fully executed copy of all agreements, contracts and other such documents as the department responsible for overseeing the contract.

  1. The College Attorney is the Contracts Officer for the College and is responsible for processing and distributing all agreements including forwarding contracts to the President and/or the Board Chairman for signature purposes. When an agreement has been fully executed by the College, the Office of the College Attorney will distribute all institutional copies to the appropriate office and to the contracting party(ies).
  2. All contracts submitted by external (non-college) contracting parties to the College for product/services will be submitted to the College Attorney for review of form. Further, in order to be paid, these contracts must also be set up as vendors within the Purchasing Department. Guidelines for completing each are in the operational procedures on the College Attorney’s webpage.

    The College's standardized contracts, such as Agreement for Services, Supplemental Activity Assignments, affiliation agreements, and cooperation agreements are standardized institutional form documents that College personnel should use when developing agreements. These are available on the College Attorney’s webpage.

    Any agreement developed in conjunction with a grant must have information necessary to outline the services needed to complete the terms and conditions of the grants.

  3. When any contract is completed, the initiating administrator/department representative who monitored the contract, should forward a written notice to the Contracts Office, indicating that the terms and conditions of the agreement have been met and final payment can be made where applicable.
  4. Any agreement that is submitted after the commencement date must have written rationale by the initiating administrator.


Adopted: 5/4/92 Revised: 11/25/92; 8/30/93; 4/17/95
Formerly 5.007; 5.700