Developing And Implementation Of Administrative Rules And Administrative Procedures: 2.00



Identification: 2.00
Effective Date: 9/17/13

F.S. 1001.64; 1001.65 SBE 6A -14.0261

Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This procedure is to provide guidelines regarding the development and implementation of the administrative rules and administrative procedures at the College.


The President will implement the Board of Trustees’ directives, State Board of Education Rules, Federal laws, Florida Statutes, State regulations or agency directives, through the development and implementation of the College’s administrative rules and administrative procedures. Administrative rules establish institutional policy for College and require approval by the Board of Trustees. Administrative procedures are implemented by the President to establish procedural guidelines for operation of the College. Further, each department/unit may establish departmental operating procedures that outline how a particular process is handled. HCC administrative rules and procedures are available on the HCC website. Departmental operating procedures may be found in Public Folders and/or on the HCC website under a particular department. HCC rules and procedures and operating guidelines will be periodically updated.

1. Each administrative unit is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining the administrative rules/procedures and operating guidelines for their particular department. All HCC rules/procedures are organized according to the following categories:

1 General Provisions, Definitions and District Board of Trustees


General Administration
3 Human Resources
4 Instructional/Academic Programs
5 Educational Support Services
6 Business Services
7 Facilities, Planning and Construction
8 College Relations and Development
9 Information Technology
  1. In addition to reviews following new and revised statutes and regulations, the applicable department(s) will annually review their rules, procedures and operating procedures concerning but not limited to the following topics:

    Student services, including counseling; financial assistance; student housing; accessibility and comparability of facilities in terms of gender and disability; selection criteria for admission to HCC and program and course admission requirements by program area or discipline; criteria for participation in and funding of reactional, athletic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities; provision of auxiliary aids and services; transportation; employment policies and practices for staff and students including selection criteria for employment and methodology for providing reasonable accommodations.

    Each administrator for a department will coordinate the review of their administrative rules and procedure, to be in compliance with applicable statutes, regulations and rules including compliance with Section 1000.05, F.S., and Rule 6A-19.001-19.010, FAC.

  2. The Office of the President will assign the specific number for each administrative rule/procedure.

  3. All administrative rules and administrative procedures will have the following components:

  • The authority for developing and implementing the administrative rule or procedure [i.e., Florida Statutes, SBE rule, etc.] and a purpose.
  1. The appropriate District-level Vice President will be responsible for coordinating all modifications and recommendations to rules/procedures and for disseminating these for district-wide review prior to submission to Cabinet. Once approved by Cabinet, all administrative rules/procedures will be submitted to the College Attorney prior to submission to the President.

  2. For procedures, the President’s signature will implement all administrative procedures on the effective date.

  3. For rules, the President will recommend all rules to the Board of Trustees first for advertisement to allow for review and comments. At a follow-up Board meeting, the President will recommend all rules for approval with any changes noted since advertisement.

  4. An individual with a qualified disability may request copies of administrative rules/procedures be made available in an alternative format.


    Adopted 10/24/84; Revised 09/22/86; 08/10/89; 09/24/91; 05/11/95; 05/19/95; Formerly 1.001