Email Usage: 9.03


Title: EMAIL USAGE Identification: 9.03
Effective Date: March 26, 2013
SBE 6A-14.0261
FS 1001.64; 1001.65
Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This procedure outlines the acceptable use of the College's email system.


  1. SCOPE

    It is the responsibility of all email account holders to manage the use, message content and size of their email account. Reading email daily, removing old messages and deleting messages and attachments of unknown origin are among the most common practices that help ensure an efficient email system. A secure system also requires email account holders to exit the email system before leaving - even if briefly - their workstations.

  2. EMAIL

    Email is the official communication method of the College. Use of the College email system must be in accordance with all HCC applicable policies and procedures. Unacceptable use of the email system puts both the offending individual and the college at risk. Unacceptable use of the email system includes, but is not limited to the following actions:

    • Unauthorized attempts to access other users' email accounts.
    • Violating federal, state or local laws or statutes pertaining to electronic communications.
    • Sending harassing, threatening, abusive or obscene messages.
    • Sending messages not previously approved by a Cabinet member for political, commercial, fundraising or profit making purposes.
    • Broadcasting chain letters, spam emails, etc. in such a way as to cause network congestion and failure.

    In addition to individual email accounts, the college's administration may authorize the creation of special purpose email "lists" to facilitate internal college communications. Such lists are subject to the same usage ·rules as individual email accounts.

    The college reserves the right to access, inspect, and disclose the contents of messages created, sent or received using the email system.