Employee Evaluation (Full-Time Staff): 3.34


Effective Date: 4/14/21
FS 1001.64; 1001.65
Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This procedure provides guidelines for the evaluation of full-time staff employees, and supplements those set forth in the collective bargaining unit agreements for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to the extent there is no conflict.


The evaluation process is intended to improve an employee's performance, increase an employee's accountability and provide a basis for employment decisions.

Evaluations will be conducted openly, with the employee's knowledge.

Staff employees will be evaluated by the appropriate supervisor after the initial probationary period of four (4) months of employment for non-exempt employees and the probationary period of six (6) months for exempt employees. A promotional assignment establishes a new probationary period. The probationary period may be extended up to a maximum of six (6) months upon approval from Human Resources (HR) in response to the request by an immediate supervisor, and under extenuating circumstances which would have prevented an appropriate evaluation of the employee. Approval must be obtained by HR prior to the extension. In addition, employees will be evaluated prior to the one-year anniversary date of their assignment and on an annual basis thereafter. A special evaluation may be done at any time other than the probationary and anniversary date appraisals to notify the employee of any changes to their performance, either negative or positive.

If an employee's performance is less than satisfactory during the probationary evaluation period, the immediate supervisor, in consultation with HR and the unit administrator, may recommend that an employee be terminated prior to the expiration of the employee's probationary period. The full-time staff employee evaluation process is as follows:

  1. HR will forward an evaluation notice to the employee's immediate supervisor. The immediate supervisor will complete the evaluation form, discuss with the employee and forward the completed form to HR within the timeframe reflected on the evaluation notice, if provided.
  2. An employee whose overall performance rating is less than satisfactory will receive written suggestions for improvement/change as outlined in a Performance Improvement Plan. This plan will be forwarded to HR. If the employee's performance does not improve, his/her supervisor may recommend progressive discipline. (Refer to Administrative Procedure Disciplinary and Corrective Action.) The Performance Improvement Plan will include:
    1. an explanation of the deficiency(ies) or undesirable work habit(s);
    2. suggestions for improving performance; and
    3. the date for reassessing the employee's performance. The reassessment date and performance improvement period will not extend beyond ninety (90) days following the evaluation date.
  3. The employee and his/her supervisor will discuss the contents of the evaluation form and sign the form. The employee will receive a copy of this form. In the event the employee elects not to sign the evaluation form, his/her supervisor will note this on the form.
  4. An employee who is dissatisfied with his/her evaluation may submit a written response for the record within twenty (20) days following the date of the evaluation. This response will be attached to the evaluation form.


Adopted: 07/01/73; Revised: 05/06/75, 04/16/79, 07/02/86, 08/10/89, 10/08/91; Formerly: 2.14, 2.014, 2.029