Employment Advertising And Recruitment: 3.39


Effective Date: July 1, 2007
SBE 6A-14.0261
FS 112.3135; 1001.64; 1001.65; 1012.855;
and 1012.86 HCC 6HX-10-3.20
Signature/Approval: Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson


This procedure provides guidelines for initiation of the employment process to attract a broad base of eligible candidates for full-time and part-time employment opportunities. The procedure outlines the submission of an electronic requisition, the advertisement of a position, and the processing of applications.


  1. Submitting Requisitions
    1. Hiring Manager - The appropriate hiring manager submits an electronic requisition through organizational channels in the automated application and screening system.
      1. Full-time Regular Positions - Hiring managers must submit a requisition to advertise and fill these positions with a full-time regular employee. If the hiring manager wishes to fill a full-time regular position with a full-time temporary employee, the hiring manager has the option to advertise.
      2. Full-Time Temporary and Part-Time Positions - Hiring managers have the option to advertise. Hiring managers submit a requisition if a decision is made to advertise.
    2. Recruitment Waiver -To reconsider a qualified applicant pool with a Job Close Date no more than six months prior, the hiring manager submits a written request through organizational channels to the appropriate Cabinet member requesting a recruitment waiver. The Cabinet member forwards the recruitment waiver to the Employment Office for approval. Upon approval, the Employment Office releases the qualified applicant pool to the hiring manager.
    3. Cabinet Member -The appropriate Cabinet member will review and approve electronic requisitions (including screening committee designations). Upon approval, the Cabinet member will forward the requisition electronically to the Employment Office for final review and posting to the College's Employment Opportunities website. The Employment Office must receive a copy of the College President's approval to advertise and fill full-time positions before posting the requisition.
    4. Employment Office - The Employment Manager verifies position numbers are valid and funded, and works with hiring managers to develop recruitment campaigns.
  2. Advertising Process - The Employment Manager will conduct the advertising campaign:
    1. HCC Website Advertising -Advertised job postings on the College's website will contain the (1) job title, (2) position number, (3) minimum qualifications based upon the classification specification, (4) whether substitution of experience for the educational requirement is permitted, (5) job description based upon the classification specification, (6) the department/campus, (7) pay rate/basis, (8) job open date, (9) job close date for submitting an application, and (10) job category and type. As appropriate, job postings may also contain preferred qualifications, supplemental information, and additional documents required. All job postings will be open to external applicants unless the posting indicates the position is only for internal applicants. The College considers internal applications to be full-time regular employees of the College who have been in their current position for at least one year. The Employment Manager will e-mail copies of weekly vacancy updates to the SEIU Union Chapter Chair.
    2. Posting of Advertisements - After review and approval of a requisition, the Employment Manager posts the vacancy on the College's Employment Opportunities website. The Employment Manager will post a listing of advertised positions weekly in the College's public folders. The Employment Manager determines the appropriateness of advertising job postings on appropriate external websites and local/national print media. The Employment Manager will place vacancies on the College's Job line. Copies of the job postings will posted in paper form in Human Resources, and will be electronically provided to the campuses.
    3. Employment Applications -The College's Employment Opportunities website homepage contains application instructions that applicants must follow when applying for job postings. The College will accept only applications submitted through the automated application system. The College considers an applicant to be a person who: (1) completes and saves an online application and (2) submits an application (and any required documents) for an advertised position. Applicants applying for an advertised faculty positions (whether adjunct or full-time) will submit by the job close date a copy of their graduate transcript from a regionally accredited institution of higher education showing at least the minimum qualifications. Upon the written request of a College employee wishing to apply for an advertised full-time faculty position, Employment will make a copy of academic transcripts from their official personnel record for inclusion with their application. External applicants claiming Veterans' Preference must follow the guidelines found in the application instructions.
  3. Application Processing - Upon the Job Close Date for an advertised posting, the automated system forwards the qualified applicant pool to Equity. Equity reviews the applicant pool for diversity and for meeting the requirements of the Equity Plan. When Equity approves an applicant pool, Employment releases the pool to the hiring manager and screening committee (if used). If Equity determines the applicant pool does not comply with the Equity Plan, Equity will either (1) certify all constructive efforts were exhausted and release the applicant pool, or (2) recommend additional recruitment strategies.
  4. Records Management
    1. Public Records -All application materials are a matter of public record in accordance with the Florida Public Records laws.
    2. Electronic Applications - All applications (and attached documents as appropriate) are stored electronically in the automated application and screenings system.
    3. Recruitment Case Files -All documents related to the advertising and interviewing of a qualified applicant pool will be included in a recruitment case file maintained by the Employment Office for each job posting. Upon completion of the selection process by the hiring manager, all documentation not stored electronically in the application and screening system will be returned to the Employment Office and retained in an inactive case file for 24 months from the job close date.
  5. Selection and Employment of Part-time Employees - All applicants for part-time positions must create and save an application in the automated application and screening system. The Employment Office forwards the applications of applicants interested in part time positions to the hiring manager as requested.


Replaces Procedure 2.004, Employment Advertising and Recruitment, dated December 13, 1995.