Establishing Off-Campus Instructional Sites: 4.10


Effective Date: 7/10/01
SBE 6A-14.0247; 6A-14.0262
FS 240.319
HCC Rule 6HX-10-3.06
Signature/Approval: Gwendolyn W. Stephenson


This procedure provides guidelines for the establishment of off-campus instructional sites.


The College may establish off-campus instructional sites to extend educational benefits to students at Hillsborough Community College.
The following procedural guidelines apply to the establishment of off-campus instructional sites:

  1. The appropriate campus administrator will recommend the off-campus instructional site(s) that is accessible to students and faculty with disabilities. If the facilities do not accommodate disabled students, an alternative site will be selected. The appropriate campus administrator will complete the following items in association with the recommended site:
    1. An Off-Campus Instructional Sites form;
    2. An Off-Campus Educational Site Agreement for the site, which includes the responsibilities of the parties (a copy of this agreement may be obtained from the College Attorney, and changes may only be made to the standard agreement following review by the College Attorney). The Form Agreement is available for review online.
    3. The agreement should be approved by the off-campus site prior to internal review.
  2. The administrator will ensure that these items are forwarded to the administrators below in the order listed for review and approval:
    1. Campus President;
    2. Vice President for Education and Student Development;
    3. College Attorney.
  3. The College Attorney’s office is responsible for forwarding the agreement to the President and Vice President for Business and Finance for review and approval.
  4. The College Attorney will prepare the Board agenda for approved off-campus instructional sites which will be recommended to the Board of Trustees. An executed copy of the agreement will be sent as follows:
    1. Risk Manager to obtain insurance coverage;
    2. Campus Dean
    3. Manager of Management Information Systems.
  5. The Manager of Management Information Systems will inform the administrator who initiated the off-campus site recommendation once the Colleague system is updated with a new site location that is associated with the appropriate campus.


Formerly 3.114