Establishing A New Position: 3.03


Title: ESTABLISHING A NEW POSITION Identification: 3.03
Effective Date: July 1, 2007

SBE 6A-14.0261
FS 1001.64; 1001.65
HCC Rule 6HX-10-3.09

Signature/Approval: Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson


This procedure establishes guidelines regarding the creation of a new position.


For purposes of this procedure, the term "concerned parties" includes, at a minimum, the initiator of the Request to Establish a New Position, the appropriate cabinet member who concurs in the request, the HR Position Control Office, the HR Classification Office and the Budget Office.

1. A request to establish a new position at the College will be initiated by a unit administrator.

2. To establish a new position, the initiator will submit a Request to Establish a New Position form through the appropriate cabinet member. The form will then be forwarded to Human Resources. Such request must include:

A. A completed initial portion of a Request to Establish a New Position form including:

  1. A rationale explaining the need for the new position.
  2. An explanation as to the source of funds to support the new position. If the position has been previously approved through a budget initiative or presidential directive, the initiator will indicate that on the form and attach pertinent documentation.
  3. List of positions, if any, to be relinquished in exchange for the new position.

B. If necessary, budgetary documents such as funds transfer requests.

C. For full-time positions, a recommendation as to where on the organization chart the positions should be located.

D. A Request for Classification Action. (Refer to Position Classification Procedure 3.21)

3. Upon receipt, Human Resources will assign a control number and notify the concerned parties.

A. Requests for full-time and part-time faculty and part-time staff positions will be forwarded to the Position Control Office. The initial classification portion of the Request to Establish a New Position form will be completed and the form forwarded to the Budget Office.

B. All others will be forwarded to the Classification Office. A preliminary analysis will be conducted, which will include classification, grade, salary, exempt/nonexempt status, essential duties, etc. If information provided is insufficient for determination of classification or if an appropriate class does not currently exist, the initiator will be requested to submit additional information about the specific duties to be performed. If a new class is required, the request for a new position will be held in abeyance until a suitable class specification is developed by Human Resources and approved by the College President. When classification action has been completed the initial classification portion of the Request to establish a New Position will be completed and forwarded to the Position Control Office and the concerned parties notified.

C. The Position Control Office will complete any remaining blocks in the initial classification portion of the Request to Establish a New Position, forward it to the Budget Office and notify concerned parties.

4. The Budget Office will verify budget information supplied by the initiator, determine if funds are available, and then complete the budget review portion of the Request to Establish a New Position form.

A. The Budget Office will contact the initiator directly if more information is needed. Should the Budget Office disapprove, they will notify concerned parties and return the Request to Establish a New Position form and all attachments to Human Resources.

B. If the College President's approval is required, and prior approval is not attached, the Budget Office will forward the Request to Establish a New Position form to the College President's office and notify the concerned parties.

5. The President will indicate approval or disapproval on the form, and forward it to Human Resources.

6. Upon receipt of the final disposition, the Position Control Office will:

A. If approved, assign a position number, close the control number, annotate the organizational chart accordingly, and notify the HR Employment Office and other concerned parties.

B. If not approved, close the control number, return the Request to Establish a New Position and supporting documents to the initiator and notify the concerned parties.

7. Those inquiring about the status of a request should provide the control number so that the request may be readily located.

8. Requests may be prepared:

A. In hardcopy and sent through campus distribution.

B. In hardcopy with all supporting documents and sent electronically via FAX.

C. Electronically as a word processing document using the template version of the request form and sent electronically as an attachment to email to The email must originate from or pass through the initiator's email account and through the appropriate Cabinet Member's email account. Upon receipt at Human Resources, the email and request will be printed and treated as a hardcopy request.


Replaces Procedure 2.003, Establishing a New Position, dated August 8, 1994.