Faculty, Staff, And Program Development: 1.09



Identification: 1.09
Effective Date: April 30, 2013

SBE 6A-14.029
FS 1.001.64; 1001.65

Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This procedure outlines the process for coordinating the use of Faculty, Staff, and Program Development (FSPD) funds.


On an annual basis, Hillsborough Community College will develop a plan to expend the state allocation for faculty, staff, and program development (FSPD). Faculty and staff development occurs through activities that update or upgrade competence specified for present or planned positions, and includes appropriate travel. Program development involves the evaluation and improvement of existing programs as well as the designing of new programs. It is not for the maintenance or expansion of programs. Program development includes researching, planning, designing, and evaluating; salary payment; and purchasing equipment for program initiation. Any person awarded FSPD funding must provide an evaluation of his/her project or participation in a staff development event, and he or she is expected to share the benefits of the development experience with the College community and/or department. The College President and Cabinet will approve an annual plan for spending the allocation, and an annual report will be prepared that evaluates the plan.


On a yearly basis, a plan will be prepared that identifies the expenditure goals for the FSPD allocation.

A. Major College Initiatives

Each College initiative will be associated with a College employee responsible for administration and implementation of the funds allocated to that initiative. Responsibilities include developing and implementing a plan for the initiative expenditures.

B. FSPD Requests Requiring Submission of an FSPD Proposal

The following requests require the submission of an FSPD proposal:

(1) Group or Individual Projects

Approved projects in each of these categories will be assigned an FSPD

project account number.

(2) Faculty and staff participation in workshops, conferences, and other staff

development events.


The College employee responsible for administering and implementing each FSPD allocation as described above must maintain records of the numbers of participants using FSPD funds, the number of activities funded by FSPD monies, descriptions of programs improved and initiated, and evaluations of the programs and activities funded by FSPD monies.

The College President and Cabinet will review the annual FSPD report, which will provide the overall FSPD evaluation. The report will include the following:

A. The total number of participants and activities in faculty and staff development;

B. A description of programs improved and initiated;

C. An evaluation of the effectiveness of faculty, staff, and program development expenditures relative to College policies.


Adopted: 11/10/93; Revised: 11/8/96; 07/10/01; Formerly: 4.001