HCC Catalog: 5.04



Identification: 5.04
Effective Date: 7/10/01
SBE 6A-10.0331; 6A-14.0262; 6A-14.0257
FS 240.319;
HCC Rule 6HX-10-4.001
Signature/Approval: Gwendolyn W. Stephenson


This procedure establishes guidelines for developing the HCC Catalog each year.



    The Office of Education and Student Development is responsible for the content of the catalog; the Office of External Affairs is responsible for the production. On an annual basis, the Vice President for Education and Student Development with work with the Vice President for External Affairs to establish and to distribute the production schedule. The Office of the Director of Marketing and Creative Services will coordinate the corrections and changes to the catalog copy and prepare the publication for printing, placement on the HCC web site, and production of compact disks.

    1. The Office of the Vice President of Education and Student Development will maintain a copy of the catalog on the intranet and keep it updated. Changes may be made any time during the year by those with authorization. This office will be responsible for the following sections of the catalog:
      1. Admission information and instruction;
      2. Admission policies and procedures;
      3. Academic policies and procedures;
      4. Accreditation;
      5. Advisory committees;
      6. Application for admission;
      7. Articulation agreements;
      8. College operational calendar;
      9. Course Descriptions (Colleague Project Director);
      10. Curricula
      11. Financial aid
      12. Special programs;
      13. Student activities;
      14. Student policies;
      15. Student services;
      16. Veterans’ benefits.
    2. The Vice President of External Affairs will be responsible for the following sections of the catalog:
      1. Alumni;
      2. BOT members;
      3. Foundation;
      4. General information/college overview;
      5. Index;
      6. Mission statement;
      7. Photographs/artwork;
      8. Title page.
    3. The Vice President of Business and Finance will be responsible for the following sections of the catalog:
      1. Fees;
      2. Financial information;
    4. The Director of Human Resources will be responsible for administrative and faculty listings.
    5. The College Attorney will review the catalog for legal implications.


Formerly 4.012