In-House Publication Of Instructional Materials: 4.03



Identification: 4.03
Effective Date: 7/10/01

SBE 6A-14.0247; 6A-14.0262
FS 240.319
HCC Rule 6HX-10-3.010; 6HX-10-5.200
Signature/Approval: Gwendolyn W. Stephenson


This procedure establishes guidelines regarding the planning, production, and printing of workbooks, study guides, and other materials deemed necessary to help students achieve the objectives set forth for a course.


The following guidelines apply to instructional material(s) that will be sold to students and to any handout of more than ten (10) pages. Faculty members may not use their own outside printer.

  1. The initiating faculty member will be responsible for complying with current federal copyright laws (Administrative Rule 6HX-10-3.010 Copyright Law Compliance). In order to assist the faculty members, the Bookstore Manager will be responsible for securing all copyright permissions for the above materials.
  2. The faculty member will be responsible for contacting the appropriate campus academic dean to coordinate the request for workbooks, study guides, videotapes, CD ROMS and other printed materials and materials in electronic format for the students in his/her class. Materials requested must be used to assist students in achieving the objectives for the course(s). The faculty member’s request will be formalized by properly completing and submitting a Request to Reproduce Instructional Materials form to the appropriate campus academic dean for review.
  3. The appropriate campus academic dean will be responsible for either approving or disapproving the request form.
  4. The appropriate campus academic dean will submit the approved form to the Bookstore Manager at least sixty (60) days prior to the date when the printed material is needed.
  5. The Bookstore Manager will return to the appropriate campus academic dean any request which is incomplete or not in accordance with established procedures.
  6. The Bookstore Manager will be responsible for securing copyright permissions. The requesting faculty member will be notified if permissions are not granted.
  7. Any changes or revisions to any printed material must be submitted to the appropriate campus academic dean for approval. The Bookstore Manager should receive those changes prior to the sixty (60) days needed to process the request.
  8. The Bookstore Manager will determine the most appropriate printing method. Printing will be done by the College. However, when the Manager of Auxiliary Services determines that it is not feasible, the materials will be forwarded to an outside printer in accordance with the purchasing procedures.
  9. The Bookstore Manager will be responsible for determining the number of copies to be printed and the selling price. The selling price shall be ten percent (10%) above the direct cost of printing.
  10. All materials printed will have a three-hole punch with a title cover page, unless otherwise authorized.
  11. All materials will be printed on both sides. Under extenuating circumstances, the initiator may request one-sided copies by presenting adequate justification and authorization from the appropriate campus academic dean.
  12. The Bookstore Manager will distribute the printed materials to the appropriate campus bookstores.


Formerly 3.104