Institutional Activity Fund: 2.01



Identification: 2.01
Effective Date 6/11/13

SBE 6A-14.0261; 6A-14.077
FS 1001.64; 1001.65

Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This procedure establishes guidelines for the distribution of budgeted monies from the Institutional Activity Fund.


The Board has budgeted a portion of the College’s Auxiliary funds for promotion and public relations purposes, as well as the hospitality of business guest as outlined in the state regulations. Auxiliary enterprise monies will be spent for the benefit of the College at the President’s discretion for promotion and public relations efforts, which includes attendance at community events (lunches, dinners, receptions) for organizations where College participation allows staff with the opportunity to share information concerning the College overall, as well as, for the hospitality of business guests of the College. The hospitality expenditure will not exceed one (1) percent of the prior year expenditures in the current unrestricted fund.

The President may authorize the disbursement of budgeted funds from the Institutional Activity Fund, for purposes that directly benefit or are in the best interest of the College for promotional and public relations purposes.

1. The institutional activity fund may be used for the following:

A. Intra-College expenditures (i.e., faculty receptions, staff meetings, breakfast meetings, and awards, flowers, and similar items, etc.);

B. Activities involving visiting committees, orientation, work conferences, personnel recruitment, graduation, meetings, receptions, guest speakers, other developmental activities, etc.;

C. Hospitality of business guests (meetings, luncheons, dinners, etc.) at the College and elsewhere.

An individual who receives per diem from the state will not be considered a business guest;

D. Promotional activities for the College includes attendance at community events, which includes lunches, dinners, receptions and similar events where the College can promote the College, programs and services to member of the community; and

E. Institutional memberships in professional organizations.

2. The fund will not be used to purchase membership(s) in or goods/services from an organization which discriminates on the basis of age, race, national origin, sex, religion, disability status or marital status.

3. As a multi-campus institution with locations throughout the county, the College is asked to attend numerous events. Attendance and participation at business, community and civic events is an important role for community colleges, particularly within the county where the majority of College students reside. Attendance at these events provides staff with an opportunity to provide information about the College, its programs and available services.

The number of attendees is often generated by the organization, which may ask the College to purchase a table(s). This is particularly true when a College employee is a chairperson, president, officer, or member of an organization, serving as a representative of the College. Support of community activities is not only a Board directive, but an important function of a community college, which requires similar support from local groups and organizations. In addition, this practice is part of the institution's commitment to have broad representation at community events, which may also result in a larger number of attendees at community/business events.

4. To request use of institutional activity funds, the appropriate form must be completed with all related documentation [invoice, invitation, etc.] attached for review and approval by the President.


Adopted: 3/20/79 Revised: 4/15/80; 2/25/83; 7/21/86; 5/2/88; 9/24/91; 9/15/92; 8/8/94 Formerly: 1.005