Institutional Forms: 2.06

Administrative Procedures

Title: Institutional Forms Identification: 2.06
Effective Date: 6//11/13

FS 1001.64; 1.00.65
SBE 6A-14.0262

Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This administrative procedure is to establish procedural guidelines for managing institutional forms through the Forms Registry.


The following procedural guidelines apply to initiating a new institutional form, revising an existing institutional form and ordering all institutional forms:

FORMS REGISTRY - the Forms Registry is the official catalog of all internal forms used at the College. A current copy of each form and an index of the forms will be maintained by numerical designation in the Forms Registry. The Office of the College Attorney is responsible for maintaining the Forms Registry.

The Office of the College Attorney will assign form numbers for new forms and update the date portion of the forms number for modified forms. Each institutional form will have a form number which will generally be located in the bottom right-hand corner. If a form does not have a form number, it will not be an approved form. Each approved form will be either added to or revised in the Forms Registry to ensure non-duplication. Updates to the Forms Registry will be distributed by the Office of the College Attorney on a periodic basis.


Adopted: 12/4/81 Revised: 8/1/85; 3/9/87; 3/17/87; 2/2/89; 8/10/89; 5/15/92; 12/14/92; 12/9/93; Formerly 4.002