Separation From Employment: 3.11



Identification: 3.11
Effective Date: July 1, 2007

SBE 6A-14.0261
FS 1001.64; 1001.65;
HCC Rule 6HX-10-3.01
Signature/Approval: Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson


This procedure establishes guidelines for employee separations due to resignation, retirement, non-renewal of contract, dismissal, termination or other reasons.


The President will recommend approval of employee separations to the Board of Trustees and acknowledge resignations, retirements, and other types of separations regarding employees not requiring Board approval.

  1. The employee will notify his/her unit administrator of his/her intended resignation or retirement by submitting a HRAR-1 form or memorandum stating the facts associated with the resignation or retirement. If a memorandum is submitted by the employee, the unit administrator will initiate and forward a HRAR-1 form to Human Resources.
  2. Upon receiving an approved HRAR-1, Human Resources will:
    1. Forward separation processing instructions to the employee.
      1. The employee will complete and return all required forms, return issued property and clear any outstanding obligations with the College before leaving. In the event of the employee's death or incapacitation, the immediate supervisor may act on behalf of the employee to complete these steps.
      2. Final pay due the employee, if any, will not be released until all obligations have been met.
    2. Notify designated College offices/functions of the employee's pending separation. The appropriate College office/function will examine their records and:
      1. Arrange directly with the employee to collect documents, property, etc. and/or
      2. Where appropriate, arrange with Human Resources to collect documents, property, etc. upon final processing. Materials collected by Human Resources will be forwarded to the appropriate office.
    3. Prepare and forward a Separation Report to the employee's unit administrator. This form contains a separation notice which an employee may elect to sign in lieu of a letter of resignation.
      1. For classified employees, the employee's immediate supervisor will complete the Final Evaluation section of the Separation Report. For all other employee categories, the remaining sections of the form will also be completed.
      2. With the appropriate unit administrator's signature, the Separation Report will be returned to Human Resources.
    4. Schedule an exit interview for employees who end their employment. At the exit interview, employees will be asked to acknowledge the Separation Report.
  3. Upon completion of processing, Human Resources will notify the Payroll Department regarding separation pay.


Replaces Procedure 2.049, Termination of Employment, dated October 8, 1991