Service Awards: 3.29


Title: SERVICE AWARDS Identification: 3.29
Effective Date 4/14/21
FS 1001.64; 1001.65
Signature/Approval: 4/14/21 Dr. Ken Atwater


This procedure establishes guidelines for awarding service awards to full-time employees who have completed five (5), ten (10), fifteen (15), twenty (20), twenty-five (25), thirty (30), thirty-five (35), forty (40), and forty-five (45) years of continuous service to Hillsborough Community College (HCC). The years of service are calculated for those employees who reach one of the years of service categories within a calendar year.


Each full-time employee will be eligible to receive an award in recognition of continuous service to HCC.

The President or the President's designee will present the awards annually at each campus, including the District Administrative Offices. The President will personally recognize the recipients of 25 years and up during All College Day.

An employee will be notified by their campus president or appropriate Cabinet member as to the date and location of the presentation of their service award. Any recipient who is unable to attend the awards ceremony will receive their award from their supervising administrator.


Adopted: 10/01/85; Revised: 08/08/94, 01/01/07; Formerly: 2.027