Structure Of Academic Affairs: 4.09


Title: STRUCTURE OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Identification: 4.09
Effective Date: 7/10/01
SBE 6A-14.0261; 6A-14.0262; 6A-14.029
FS FS240.319
Signature/Approval: Gwendolyn W. Stephenson


This procedure outlines the structure of the College Academic Affairs Committee and the faculty Curriculum Cluster Committees.


  1. Curriculum Cluster Committees
    1. Composition

      Full-time faculty members will be assigned to at least one Curriculum Cluster Committee related to their discipline or field. The composition of the Curriculum Cluster Committees includes the following disciplines and fields:

      1. English, Journalism, Mass Communications, Reading, Literature, Speech, English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
      2. Art, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Music, Philosophy, Dance, Theater
      3. Mathematics, Statistics
      4. Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Agriculture, Physical Education, Ornamental Horticulture
      5. Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Education
      6. History, Political Science
      7. Preparatory Math, Preparatory Reading, Preparatory Writing, Preparatory EAP
      8. Nursing
      9. Health Sciences, Human Services, Interpreter Training
      10. Accounting, Business Administration and Management, Customer Service, Culinary Management, Child Care Management, Economics, Financial Services, Hospitality Management, Industrial Management, Insurance Marketing, Marketing Management, Real Estate Marketing
      11. Architectural Design/Construction, Bail Bonding, Biomedical Equipment Engineering, Computer Engineering, Correctional Officer, Criminal Justice, Electronics Engineering, Fire Fighting, Fire Science, Justice Administration, Law Enforcement, Legal Assisting, Pre-Technology Education, Private Security Guard
      12. Business Data Processing, Computer Information Systems and Analysis, Computer Programming and Applications, Computer Science, Data Processing, Office Management, Office Systems, Office Systems Specialist, Records Specialist
      13. Counseling
      14. Library
    2. Meetings

      The College-wide Curriculum Cluster Committees will meet at least twice during each major academic term. The chairperson may call additional meetings as needed.

    3. Elections

      Each cluster will elect a member to serve as the chairperson of the committee for one (1) academic year. The annual election will be held prior to the conclusion of the spring term, and the cluster will notify the Chairperson of the Academic Affairs Committee and the Director of Parallel Programs of the results of the election.

  2. The Academic Affairs Committee
    1. Composition

      The Academic Affairs Committee will consist of faculty representing each of the curriculum clusters, an at-large member elected by each campus, and a faculty chairperson. The Academic Affairs Committee will also consist of non-voting, administrative representation by the offices of planning, research, and evaluation; parallel programs; technical programs; student services; and education and student development. Offices reporting to the Vice President of Education and Student Development will provide staff support. Academic and student services deans, academic directors, and college staff will serve as resource staff and be available to the Academic Affairs Committee to advise it on items under its jurisdiction.

    2. Calendar

      The Academic Affairs Committee will meet as specified in the Academic Affairs handbook.

    3. Elections
      1. Chairperson
        1. The faculty will elect the chairperson of the Academic Affairs Committee in an election supervised by a subcommittee of Academic Affairs representatives. Candidates must have served on the Academic Affairs Committee within the three years prior to the election.
        2. The chairperson will serve for one academic year and will be limited to two consecutive years of service. A chairperson may run for election again after one academic year’s break in office.
        3. If the chairperson is chosen from an active representative to the Academic Affairs Committee, the cluster or campus will appoint a new representative.
      2. Vice Chairperson
        1. At the first meeting of the fall term, the chairperson will appoint a vice-chairperson from one of the at-large members.
        2. The vice-chairperson will serve for one academic year.
      3. Cluster Representatives
        1. Cluster representative nominees to the Academic Affairs Committee will be elected on alternating years with representatives for odd numbered clusters being elected on odd numbered years and representatives for even numbered clusters being elected on even numbered years.
        2. The at-large campus representatives will be elected as follows: Dale Mabry and Plant City on odd numbered years, Ybor City and Brandon on even numbered years.
        3. The curriculum clusters will submit two nominees to the Academic Affairs Committee.
    4. Responsibilities

      The Academic Affairs Committee’s primary responsibility is to review and make recommendations relating to the College’s educational programs in accordance with the goals and mission of the College. The committee will review educational programs and submit recommendations in accordance with Administrative Procedure 3.101, Preparation, Submission and Approval of Proposals for New or Modified Credit Courses and Programs, concerning the appropriate actions needed for the following academic matters:

      • new programs,
      • new courses,
      • elimination of program(s) or the placement of program(s) on moratorium,
      • deletion of courses,
      • modification of courses,
      • modification of programs,
      • other substantive educational changes,
      • grading and attendance policies, and
      • reviewing the curriculum.


Formerly 3.107