Tuition And Fee Increases: 5.18


Title: TUITION AND FEE INCREASES Identification: 5.18
Effective Date: June 27, 2017
FS 1001.64; 1001.65; 1009.22; 1009.23
Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


To establish procedural guidelines for tuition and new and revised fees for students at Hillsborough Community College (HCC).


This administrative procedure provides guidelines for tuition increases and both new and revised student fees for College credit and non-credit Workforce programs. The College will publicly notice and notify students of all proposed tuition and new or increased fees at least 28 days prior to consideration by the HCC District Board of Trustees.

  1. FEES FOR COLLEGE CREDIT INSTRUCTION - New and revised course fees for College credit courses will only be considered at the September and February Board meetings.

    A new or modified course fee will be processed according to standard procedures through the Academic Affairs Committee. The Academic Affairs proposal process is outlined in the Academic Affairs Committee Handbook found on the Academic Affairs website.

    Once approved by the Academic Affairs Committee, the Vice President of Academic Affairs presents the fee to Cabinet as an information item.

    The Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for sending the new/revised fee notice to the College President’s Executive Assistant to include with the Board Notice and to the Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations for proper notice as outlined below.

  2. FEES FOR NON-CREDIT WORKFORCE PROGRAMS - New and revised student fees for Workforce educational programs will be publicly noticed prior to submission to the Board for consideration. These fees may be considered in conjunction with approval of the new budget.
  3. TUITION AND OTHER STUDENT FEES – New and revised fees associated with tuition, out-of-state, financial aid, capital improvement, student activity and service, technology fees, also require 28 days prior notice before the Board meeting where the Board will consider these changes. Further, user fees and fines such as lab fees, parking fees, library fees, access card fees, fees for equipment use/damage, duplicating, photocopying, standardized test fees, transcript and diploma replacement, distance learning, application, graduation, late fees for registration and payment are student fees that require Board approval prior to implementing new or increased fees. These fees will be included on the Board agenda with approval of the Budget. The Vice President for Administration/CFO will be responsible for sending notice to the Executive Director of Marketing and Public Affairs and the President’s Executive Assistant for proper notice as outlined below.
  4. REQUIRED NOTICE - The Executive Director of Marketing and Public Affairs will create the communication notice for a press release, which will be posted on the College’s website, and forward a copy to the Registrar who will email the notice to all students currently enrolled. The communication will include:
    1. Date and time of the meeting at which the tuition change and proposed new/revised fee will be considered (Board Meeting); and
    2. Outline of the details of existing tuition and fees, the rationale for the proposed increase, and how the funds from the proposed increase will be used.
  5. APPROVED TUITION AND NEW/REVISED FEES – Tuition and both new and revised fees are submitted to the Board's Agenda for consideration. If approved by the Board, the President will forward all new/modified student fee increases and tuition revisions to the Division of Florida Colleges for their compliance records.