Use Of College Facilities: 6.02


Title: USE OF COLLEGE FACILITIES Identification: 6.02
Effective Date: August 22, 2008
SBE 6A-14.0261
FS 1001.64; 1001.65
Signature/Approval: Gwendolyn W. Stephenson

    This procedure establishes guidelines for use of College facilities and/or equipment by College and non-college groups, agencies and organizations.

    More detailed scheduling procedures are available by contacting campus facilities coordinators at each campus.

    1. College buildings and facilities are for the official and regular conduct of College business.
    2. When not used for official College business, the facilities may be available for use by College-related organizations (recognized clubs or sponsored organizations).
    3. College or College-sponsored events/activities may use College facilities free of charge, but must schedule the use of facilities through the Campus President or his/her designee, generally the Campus Facilities Coordinator. Other fees beyond the direct use of the space may be applied to College sponsored or co-sponsored events.
    4. At the discretion of Campus Presidents or the appropriate College Vice President, facilities may be made available to outside groups or agencies.
    5. Based on market conditions and actual costs, HCC has an established facility use fee schedule that is annually reviewed and approved by the College President.
    6. Campus Presidents or the appropriate District Vic President (for District facilities) may waive or reduce fees as appropriate, with a statement of justification included on the Facility Use Agreement.
    1. College Sponsored Event/Activity - An event/activity organized and conducted by Hillsborough Community College for the benefit of its students, faculty or staff, and which may also be open to the community.
    2. College Co-Sponsored Event/Activity - An event/activity organized and conducted by an individual, group, agency and/or organization with Hillsborough Community College support, and that directly benefits students and/or faculty and staff of HCC. Co-sponsorship of an event by the College means that the College is the official host for a non-HCC group or organization. In addition, co-sponsorship means that the College officially endorses and recognizes the non-HCC group/organization. The event should provide mutual benefits to the group/organization and to the College.
    3. Event - Generally, a minimum rental period of one day or less.
    4. Normal business hours - The normal operating hours the specific facility's administrative offices remain open. When events are schedule at other times, additional charges and overtime rates may apply.
    1. When not used for College purposes, HCC's facilities are available to outside organizations for use on a temporary basis only. HCC's facilities may be used in the following priority order: college-related activities, public educational institutions, governmental institutions and not-for-profit private corporations, and for-profit, private corporations.
    2. Requests for use of College facilities must be forwarded to the appropriate Campus Facilities Coordinator at least 4 weeks prior to the planned event.
    3. Facility use will be approved on a first come, first served basis. A group with higher priority, for instance, may not cause event cancellation for a group whose facility use request has been approved.

    All individuals, groups or organizations who request to use College facilities will adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Any use of College facilities must be in accordance with all federal and state statutes, municipal, and county ordinances, State Board of Education Rules and HCC Administrative Rules and Procedures.
    2. The requestor completes and submits all required forms (e.g., Proof of Insurance, the Facilities Use Agreement, and proof of organizational status) on a timely basis.
    3. College facilities will be used for the stated purposes only.
    4. Written approval is required prior to any advertisement or announcement of the event.
    5. Written approval is required by Campus President or appropriate Vice President for alcoholic beverages to be served or sold on College property. The College District President is required to approve any student functions at which alcoholic beverages may be served.
    6. Hillsborough Community College reserves the right to deny the use of any College facility to any individual, group or organization.
    1. Use of College facilities shall not impair or interfere with the orderly processes and functions of the College.
    2. Hillsborough Community College reserves the right to cancel use of facilities when the use may pose an unreasonable and immediate threat to the safety of College students, personnel or College property or which are otherwise contrary to law. This decision is at College administration's sole discretion.
    3. Facilities shall not be used for any purpose other than for an approved activity. The College has the right to deny use due to concerns of bodily injury or property damage.
    4. College facilities and services may not be used by or on behalf of an outside organization/individual whose purpose is to further the cause of a particular candidate or political party. HCC students, faculty or staff who make political contributions, do so as individuals and not on behalf of HCC.
  7. FEES
    1. Hillsborough Community College facilities may be used in accordance with established fee schedules. The Campus President or the Campus Facilities Coordinator, may assess a damage deposit for damage to facilities or equipment.
    2. All fees are due no later than three (3) days prior to the scheduled event date.
    3. The College has the right to negotiate a portion of admission or entrance fees charged by outside organizations renting College facilities.
    4. A request for extended use of College facilities is subject to a separate agreement with the institution, and may be cancelled as needed for College use.

    The College may assess different fee rates for facilities use:

    1. Co-sponsored Events - An HCC co-sponsored event with an outside group organization will receive partial to full waiver of use fees.
      • Any event scheduled outside of normal business hours will result in charges for all support functions (security, custodial, etc.).
      • Additional insurance coverage may be required depending on the planned facility use. HCC individuals should not request co-sponsorship for events that they are not actively involved in and present at the event.
      • The agency/organization should be chartered, licensed or have credentials indicating, authenticity of their group;
      • For all co-sponsored events, the College must be listed as a co-sponsor in all advertisements, handouts, publications, announcements, etc. The intent of co-sponsorship should not be solely to provide a facility with a fee waiver.
    2. Non-Profit, Governmental and Community Service Agencies - Non-profit groups, state and local government agencies, and community service agencies may receive discounted rates for facility fees upon request. Non- profit organizations are required to provide a tax-exempt certificate of non-profit status (e.g., 501(c)3, 501(c)4). State and governmental agencies must provide verifiable correspondence specifying the agency's status. Community service groups should provide verifiable correspondence (e.g., letterhead) specifying the agency or provide reference information verifying service and benefits to the community. Agencies under contract with the government to provide services to a Federal, state or local governmental entity may also qualify for discounted rental fees. The College may negotiate a share of admission or entrance fees as part of the event rental agreement. Proof of insurance must be provided with the required insurance coverages.
    3. The Campus Facilities Coordinators have operational procedures for each campus for scheduling, event coordination, billing and contact information that is available directly from the Campus Facilities Coordinators or on Campus web-pages (currently in Public Folders).


Effective February 22, 1977, Procedure 4.2
Revised February 27, 1986 as Procedure 5.001
Revised May 14, 1986
Revised January 11, 1988
Revised August 29, 1989
Revised January 16, 1990
Revised August 30, 1993
Revised May 12, 1997
Revised September 28, 1999