Vehicle Management: 6.05


Title: VEHICLE MANAGEMENT Identification: 6.05
Effective Date: July 13, 2010
SBE 6A-14.0261
FS 1001.64; 1001.65
Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This procedure establishes guidelines for the use and management of vehicles which are owned or leased by Hillsborough Community College. This procedure pertains to vehicles that are licensable for use in the open road and can attain typical highway speed limits. This procedure does not pertain to golf carts or electric vehicles used primarily on campus grounds.


The following guidelines apply to the assignment, use and maintenance of College vehicles.

    1. Assignment of a vehicle will be for the College’s convenience and not the convenience of an employee. College vehicles will be assigned for individual or departmental use at HCC’s sole discretion only if:
      1. Position duties require daily travel to multiple destinations,
      2. Position duties require regular patrol of an extensive campus area that cannot be effectively patrolled on foot or via other transport,
      3. Position duties require the routine transport of specific equipment, materials, and tools necessary for the completion of assigned tasks,
      4. Position duties require the routine transport of students or two (2) or more employees,
      5. The shared use of a vehicle by multiple employees justifies the ready availability of a vehicle for local travel, or:
      6. Vehicles are necessary as part of instructional program delivery.
    2. College vehicles may also be made available to employees who may not regularly have access to a College vehicle, as a cost effective alternative to driving a personal vehicle or renting a vehicle for College business.
    1. College vehicles will be used exclusively for College business and never for personal use.
    2. College vehicles will not be taken home and will not be used for commuting between an employee’s home and designated work assignment.
    3. The following guidelines apply to operating College vehicles:
      1. The operator will be a College employee or a student in an instructional program where vehicle operation is part of the curriculum;
      2. The operator will possess a valid Florida driver license; the Office of Risk Management will check driver’s license;
      3. The operator will be authorized to operate the vehicle by the appropriate Campus President or appropriate Vice President;
      4. The operator will be at least eighteen (18) years old;
      5. Operators must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations concerning the operation of motor vehicles.
      6. In order to drive a passenger van (14 passengers or less, plus the driver), operators must review any required training materials established by the Office of Risk Management, be 21 years or older or have at least three (3) years of driving experience.
      7. Drivers with six (points) or more on their current driving record will be prohibited from operating a College vehicle.
      8. Drivers who have been prohibited from driving an HCC vehicle must show proof that they have successfully completed a “Driving Improvement Course” before they will be reinstated to drive a College vehicle.
      9. Drivers with any alcohol, drug related, or other serious violations will be prohibited from operating a College vehicle.
      10.  Consumption of drugs, alcohol or any other illegal substance is strictly prohibited in or while driving a College vehicle. Violation of this section will result in termination.
    4. Authorization to Use a College Vehicle
      1. Each operator assigned a College vehicle must submit a Request for Use of College Vehicle form to the Office of Risk Management and must annually send a copy of their driver’s license to the Office of Risk Management. The Office of Risk Management will check the driving records of all employees identified as having a need to operate a College vehicle. The appropriate administrator/manager will be notified regarding any employee with poor driving records and determine if employee can continue in conjunction with Risk Management.
      2. The operator is responsible for immediately notifying their supervisor and the Office of Risk Management of any change in license status. Operating privileges will be amended or terminated accordingly.
      3. For occasional use of a College vehicle, the requesting employee must also submit a Request for Usage of a College Vehicle along with their driver’s license to the Office of Risk Management before the keys are provided to the requesting individual.

    College personnel who are assigned a College vehicle(s) on a recurring basis will be responsible for maintaining the vehicle and keeping the appropriate records.

    1. Each employee assigned a vehicle shall be responsible for determining that the vehicle is in good running condition. Vehicle services and maintenance are managed by the District Facilities Manager. If there is a need for service, the employee will notify the District Facilities Manager who will arrange for the maintenance or service to be scheduled.
    2. Except for instructional staff using a College vehicle as part of the curriculum, all employees driving a vehicle must complete the Vehicle Daily Usage Report.
      1. A single driver assigned a vehicle may complete the Vehicle Daily Usage report once per day if the vehicle is used for a single purpose, such as campus patrol.
      2. Multiple drivers must record each trip event.
      3. The Vehicle Daily Usage Report from each vehicle must be turned into the District Facilities Manager on a monthly basis by no later than the 10th of the following month.
      4. For instructional personnel responsible for College-assigned vehicles used as part of the teaching curriculum (e.g., law enforcement courses), a modified quarterly report on instructional usage may be completed and turned into the District Facilities Manager on a quarterly basis. Any driver using a vehicle assigned to an instructional program for purposes other than direct instructional delivery must complete the daily usage report for driving events.
    3. Fuel
      1. The College’s fuel service enables drivers to fill up a College vehicle at certain locations. College employees who regularly drive a College vehicle will be issued operational instructions to access appropriate fueling stations. Vehicles should only be filled at these authorized locations unless there is an emergency.
      2. College employees who drive a College vehicle occasionally will be given instructions about fueling at the time they are granted authorization to drive.
      3. All fuel receipts must be kept and submitted with the monthly Vehicle Daily Usage report.
    4. In the event of an accident involving an HCC vehicle, the operator will:
      1. Call the local law enforcement agency;
      2. Notify the HCC Department of Public Safety, who will initially prepare the HCC Incident Report(s). The HCC Incident Report will be forwarded to the Office of Risk Management to complete all insurance requirements;
      3. Only make statements regarding the accident to the investigating police officer, and the College official or insurance company representing the College. Do not discuss with other vehicle operator/passengers.


Adopted: 5/15/72; Revised: 5/16/75; 1/23/80; 5/4/87; 8/10/89; 5/26/93;

Formerly; 5.6; 4.105