Academic Freedom: 6HX-10-4.13



Identification: 6HX-10-4.13
Effective Date: March 29, 2017

FS 1001.64

Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This administrative rule establishes College policy for academic freedom at Hillsborough Community College (HCC).


Academic freedom is an essential element of the educational process for both students and members of the faculty. The College encourages diverse points of view on an objective basis by students, faculty members, invited speakers and within the libraries/learning resources centers, to better stimulate the educational process.

The Board of Trustees of Hillsborough Community College recognizes that institutions of higher education are conducted for the common good and not to further a special interest of an individual member of the faculty, the institution, or the public.

Faculty members are entitled to full freedom in research and in the publication of the results, subject to adequate performance of his/her academic duties at the College. Faculty members will use discretion and maintain objectivity when presenting controversial issues in the classroom setting and in the selection of learning resources material. A faculty member is entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing a subject, in devising and selecting teaching strategies and educational materials and in using them to present a subject matter.


Adopted: 9/21/71; Revised: 12/18/74; 5/20/87; 4/21/04. Formerly: 6HX-10-3.001