District Board Of Trustees: 6HX-10-1.00

Administrative Rules


Identification:      6HX-10-1.00

Effective Date: February 22, 2017

Authority: FS 1001.64; 1001.65

Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This rule establishes policy regarding the District Board of Trustees of Hillsborough Community College (HCC).


The District Board of Trustees of Hillsborough Community College is the governing Board of the College. The Board is vested by law with the responsibility to operate the College and with such authority as may be needed for the proper operation and improvement of the College in accordance with the provisions of state law and rules of the Florida Board of Education.

The Board shall appoint, and may suspend, or dismiss the president. The President shall exercise general oversight of the operation of the College and perform such duties as are authorized by law and the rules of the Florida Board of Education and rules of the District Board of Trustees. The President is authorized to adopt and amend procedures for the implementation of policies adopted by the District Board of Trustees.

  1. COMPOSITION OF THE BOARD —The Board will include five (5) members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate.
  2. OATH —All members of the Board will be required to take and subscribe to an oath of office.
  3. ATTENDING MEETINGS —Any Board member failing to attend Board meetings for three (3) consecutive meetings, unless excused by the Board for reasons satisfactory to the Board, will be reported to the Office of the Governor.
  4. TERMS —Trustees are appointed for terms of four (4) years and may be reappointed. Terms will expire on May 31 st of the year of expiration, or as soon thereafter as a successor is qualified to serve.
  5. USE OF COLLEGE PROPERTY/SERVICES —A member of the Board may use College property and services for conducting business of the College and/or the Board, but not for any personal/business-related purpose.
  6. VOLUNTEERS—Members of the Board volunteer their time to serve on the Board of Trustees. A member of the Board will not be paid or receive any profit or gain for membership on the Board. However, a Board member may receive travel-related expenses including mileage from the District offices to and from Board meeting, if requested.
  7. COMPENSATION/EXPENSES —A member of the Board will not directly or indirectly receive any compensation, profit or gain as a result of their membership on the Board. However, a member of the Board may receive reimbursement for their expenses including travel-related expenses and mileage to and from official Board meetings as permitted by law.
  8. CONFLICTS OF INTEREST —Each member of the District Board of Trustees is required to disclose to the Board any personal interests concerning all matters pending before the Board. The Board member will refrain from voting and participating in the decision unless the other members of the Board unanimously vote to waive this provision.
  9. DISMISSAL —In the event a member of the Board is charged with a violation of any statute, regulation or College rule/regulation, the Board member will be entitled to substantive and procedural due process. Based on this review, the Board may recommend to the Governor that a Board member be removed for cause.


Revised: 12/17/86, 12/17/01, 1/18/06; Formerly 6HX-10-1.011