Employment Contracts: 6HX-10-3.02



Identification: 6HX-10-3.02
Effective Date: 6/15/05

SBE 6A-14.041; 6a-14.0411 FS 1001.64; 1001.65; 1012.83

Signature/Approval: Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson


This administrative rule establishes College policy for employment contracts at the College.


Each individual employed in an administrative or instructional capacity by the College shall be issued a contract that specifies definite terms of services and salary according to the salary schedule. The Board shall have the full authority to grant continuing contracts to instructional personnel in furtherance of applicable Florida Statutes and Rules of the Florida Department of Education. Such action will be based on the President's recommendation to award a continuing contract based on eligibility criteria set forth in the collective bargaining agreement and college procedures.

Any instructional employee, who is otherwise entitled to receive a continuing contract, may be issued an annual contract provided by the Board upon the recommendation of the President, that the employee does not meet the required standards for a continuing contract.

Based on the recommendation of the President and approval by the Board of Trustees, full- time faculty members who satisfy the eligibility requirements as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement will be provided a continuing contract. Full-time faculty members who do not satisfy the eligibility requirements for continuing contract and/or whose duties are restricted or only needed for a limited period of time may be awarded an annual contract.

A faculty member may be dismissed under a continuing contract or returned to an annual contract with a recommendation by the President and approval by the Board in accordance with College procedures that provide the employee with the right to a hearing.

A faculty member who has a continuing contract and accepts an offer of annual employment in a non-faculty capacity may be granted an administrative leave of absence by the Board.

Employment contracts will not create any right, interest or expectancy beyond the specific term set forth in the contract.


Adopted: Adopted: 9/21/71; Revised: 12/5/72, 12/18/74, 3/19/86, and 5/19/93; Formerly 6HX- 10-2.006