Institutional Scholarships: 6HX-10-5.22



Identification: 6HX-10-5.22
Effective Date: August 18, 2004

SBE 6A-14.0261
F.S. 1001.64; 1001.65; 1009.40

Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This rule establishes policy regarding the establishment and distribution of institutional scholarships at Hillsborough Community College.


Student financial aid fees may be established and collected at Hillsborough Community College in accordance with the appropriate laws of Florida, the rules of the State Board of Education, and the HCC Administrative Rules and Procedures. Student financial aid fees will be used to establish institutional scholarships. The College President or his/her designee is authorized to initiate institutional scholarships, approve annual funding allocations for institutional scholarships, set the minimum and maximum award amounts for each of the College's institutional scholarships and develop administrative procedures for the implementation of institutional scholarships.

Student financial aid fees will be increased in accordance with the appropriate Florida Statute each time the tuition is increased to maintain sufficient funds for scholarships.

Institutional scholarships will be awarded to the College's students based on incentive, demonstrated financial need, academic performance or talent. The College President will develop and maintain institutional scholarship procedures, institutional scholarships shall be advertised through various means including the HCC Scholarship Booklet and the Hillsborough Community College Catalog.


Adopted 1215/72; Revised 12/18/74; 10/7/75; 5/31/76; 2/23/78; 4/20/78; 5/18/78; 6/19/79; 4/22/80; 2/19/92; 3/17/93; 1/19/94; 8/27/96. Formerly 6HX-10-5.402