Naming Of Institutional Facilities: 6HX-10-2.03



Identification:       6HX-10-2.03
Effective Date: March 25, 2015

SBE 6A-14.0261
FS 1001.64; 1001.65

Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This rule establishes policy for naming a room, building or area at Hillsborough Community College.


The District Board of Trustees may recognize substantial gifts donated to the College by naming a room, building or area in recognition of the donation by an individual or group. All contributions will be donated to the Hillsborough Community College Foundation, Inc., the designated gift recipient for the College.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for approving the naming of all institutional facilities at the College in accordance with all applicable laws and policies. Prior to any commitments being made, the College President will meet with interested donors to detail for the Board the exact space to be named, the name to be used, the type of designation proposed, and the public recognition to be generated. The Board has the discretion to name College facilities in honor and recognition of an individual without any donation.

Commemorative and memorial gifts to Hillsborough Community College enable the Foundation to establish an endowment fund that will permit the Foundation to commit unrestricted revenues to the support of programs, services, facilities, equipment purchases, and other activities at the College. In return, the College will be more responsive to its students, staff and members of the community.

The President will establish an administrative procedure outlining guidelines for naming institutional facilities.


Revised: 5/13/99, 5/15/02; Formerly: 6HX-10-1.012