Programs And Areas Of Instruction: 6HX-10-4.08

Administrative Rules


Identification: 6HX-10-4.08
Effective Date: 8/22/18

FS 1001.64; 1001.65; 1101.65; 1004.02; 1007.01

Signature/Approval: Dr. Ken Atwater


This rule establishes policy regarding programs of instruction and awards at Hillsborough Community College.


Hillsborough Community College may provide instruction and confer appropriate degrees and college credit certificates or educational credentials for the following programs and areas of instruction.

  1. Associate in Arts

  2. Associate in Science

  3. Associate in Applied Science

  4. College Credit Certificate

  5. Advanced Technical Certificate

  6. Applied Technology Diploma

  7. Postsecondary Adult Vocational Certificate

  8. College Preparatory

  9. Continuing Education

  10. Contract Training for Business and Industry

Meta-major academic pathways shall be established for the purposes of advising Hillsborough Community College associate degree seeking students of the gateway courses that are aligned with their intended academic and career goals, in compliance with State Board of Education Regulations.

General education curriculum in the Associate in Arts program includes core options identified in State Board of Education Regulations. The General Education Committee shall periodically review remaining general education coursework with recommendations for changes submitted through the established review process through academic affairs. Prior to the award of the Associate in Arts Degree at HCC, students must demonstrate civics literacy competency as established by State Board of Education Regulations.

Credit awarded for online coursework shall follow the guidelines established by State Board of Education Regulations.

The College will staff and offer courses for students in accordance with the requisite guidelines established by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Florida State Department of Education.


Adopted 9/21/71. Revised 12/18/74; 12/19/78; 1/21/81; 7/27/82; 10/21/87; 5/16/90. Formerly 6HX-10-3.006.