Recruitment, Selection, Appointment And Assignment Of Personnel: 6HX-10-3.20



Identification: 6HX-10-3.20
Effective Date: 6/15/05

SBE 6A-14-.0261
FS 112.3135; 1001.64; 1001.65; 1012.855; 1012.86

Signature/Approval: Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson


This administrative rule establishes College policy for the recruitment, selection, appointment and assignment of personnel.


The President is authorized to develop a recruitment, selection, appointment and assignment program on behalf of the Board and implement through procedures. The President will implement the College's Equity Plan in conjunction with the recruitment and selection program for personnel, which will provide interested and qualified applicants, including minorities with employment opportunities at the College. No applicant for an administrator, faculty or professional/managerial full-time position shall begin work prior to Board approval of the President's recommendation for appointment to a position. All other applicants for classified positions may begin work at the College as necessary prior to action by the Board. However, the appointment and continuation of all employment at HCC is subject to Board approval.

All non-instructional employees will serve a probationary period in accordance with the SEIU contract from their effective date of employment. Employment during the probationary period is at the will of the College and may be terminated at any time. An employee must successfully complete the required probationary period with performance at a satisfactory level or above in order to obtain permanent status.

An employee may be assigned to an area with the College or reassigned to another work location when such move is in the best interests of the College. A move from one location or department to another may involve a change in work schedule.

Provisions in HCC collective bargaining agreements concerning recruitment, selection, appointment and assignments/reassignments will be followed for designated personnel. An appointment will not create any right, interest or expectancy beyond the specific term set forth in a documented employment. Appointments to positions funded by contract, grant or auxiliary funds may be time-limited as appropriate for a particular project or period of time.