Ybor City Clubs

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Broadcast Club

To educate and elevate its members in the broadcast field including radio, television and film arenas.

Mrs. Nerissa Lamison

Collegiate 100

This club will mentor and provide tutoring for elementary school students.


Criminal Justice Student Association

To promote the development and maintenance of skills in criminal justice students.

Kayla Toole

Green Party Alliance

To educate, inspire and encourage youth to get involved in politics whether local or national.

Sarrah Conn

Hawk Media

To promote student publications and student work.

Dr. Rick Gaspar

International Club

To foster international understanding by presenting activities and lectures about different countries and cultures.

Mrs. Faride Trujillo
Mrs. Susan Eschrich

Intervarsity Christian Fellowships

IVCF provides a community at colleges and universities for Christian fellowship.

Rose Ramsay

Model United Nations Model United Nations is an organization that allows students to simulate the actions of the real United Nations. The HCC Model UN team is open to all HCC students, regardless of major or career goals, who are registered for at least one credit hour on any of the five major campuses. Dr. Eric Fiske

Music Club

This club represents the students of the music department. The goal is to encourage and advance music education at HCC and the community.


Paralegal Association

To provide knowledge and experience in legal and paralegal related issues

Tom Tankersley &
Mark Sandag

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

PTK is the world’s largest and most prestigious honor society for two-year college students. Students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better (after completing at least 12 credit hours at HCC) will be invited to join and must maintain a 3.25 or better to remain a member in good standing. PTK’s hallmarks are scholarship, fellowship, leadership and service.

Myria Evans

Speakeasy To provide an inclusive and mutually supportive environment in which every student is empowered to develop confidence and leadership skills through public speaking. Dr. Ann Marie Coats

Students for the Environment

To provide the means whereby students may identify and carry out solutions to the environmental issues on campus.

Mr. Paul Rabaut

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is the medium through which students can actively participate in the programs and policymaking procedures of the College. SGA also promotes student participation in student clubs and organizations as well as in student government.

Tamika Francis


Theatre Club

To enhance professional excellence in the discipline of Theatre Arts.

Suzy DeVore