Zero Textbook Cost

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A Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) course is a course that requires no textbook cost for students. HCC is partnering with the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) on a statewide initiative to identify ZTC courses. For more information, see the Florida’s Zero Textbook Cost Course Indicator Overview.

HCC Zero Textbook Cost courses can be found when you search for classes by using the filter, “Textbooks: Zero Textbook Cost.” Once you are in a ZTC course, you will see a box next to the course title. The box contains the words “Zero Textbook Cost.” If you hover over this box, “This course has a zero cost textbook” is displayed.

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Brandon Zero Textbook Cost Degree
(Z-Degree) AA Pathway

In Spring 2022, the Brandon Campus will be working to create an AA Pathway Zero Textbook Cost Degree (Z-Degree). Our mission is focused on transforming lives by providing open access to an exceptional teaching and learning environment that inspires students to contribute to the local community and global society. Providing an option for students to not incur textbook costs strongly supports open access and gives students the opportunity to start their courses with the tools needed to be successful.

HCC Zero Textbook Cost Savings

According to a Rice University Study in 2019, it was reported that Hillsborough Community College had saved 27, 519 students an estimated $2,516,266 using OpenStax textbooks. HCC is committed to providing students with Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) course options.