F-1 Registration

Registering for your Classes

Your International Student Advisor will assist you with registering for classes during and after International Student Orientation for your first semester at HCC. Please note that SLS 1101 is mandatory for all new F-1 Students. All new HCC F-1 students will be registered for this course during their first semester.  The class is offered at the Dale Mabry Campus only. The course assists students with the adjustment to American college culture and campus life. It provides an in-depth review of student services, resources, and college and immigration policies and procedures. Students will engage in cross-cultural fellowship and complete a two-year education plan.

Tuition and Payment

Basic Tuition for 12 Credit Hours ($379.61 per credit) is $4555.32. Tuition and fees are charged on a per-hour basis and are due and payable at the Bursar’s Office on the same day as registration. Tuition and fees are subject to change!

Since new F-1 students generally arrive in the U.S. after the college payment due date, you will register and pay for your classes after your arrival, and after you have attended orientation, taken the placement test (if needed), and provided proof of health insurance. If you register after the payment due date, tuition and fees are due by the end of business on the same day you register. If you do not pay that same day, you will be deregistered from your classes.



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