What to Expect with Honors

What are the requirements to stay in the Honors Program?
Students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA and take a minimum of 2 Honors courses (6 credits) each fall and spring semester (part-time students must take at least 1 Honors course (3 credits) each semester). Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the Honors Academic Advisor each semester to register for classes to ensure they are meeting the Honors Program requirements and progressing toward graduation and transfer.

What if I drop below a 3.0 GPA?
Students who fail to meet the Honors Program criteria will be placed on Honors Academic Probation and will be required to meet with the Director of the Honors Program to create a plan to improve their GPA. Students on Honors Academic Probation will have Honors Program privileges, with the exception of running for any Areté or Board position, applying to be an Honors Ambassador, receiving travel stipends or priority registration. Students will have one semester of Academic Probation; if students fail to bring up their GPA's at the end of their probation, they will be removed from the Honors Program.

Are Honors Courses hard?
Honors courses are not designed to be harder than traditional courses, and the Honors data actually show that students most often perform better in their Honors courses. Honors faculty use various experiential learning approaches in their classrooms to engage students.

Are there any scholarships available for honors students?
HCC offers four scholarships. Two are exclusively available for Honors Program students and two are available for all HCC students.

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