Entrepreneurship Education Training

The EET program is offered through InLab@HCC and is free to all HCC faculty members, and includes a $2,000 stipend for successful completion of the training.  

Faculty participants will learn about developing an entrepreneurial mindset, design thinking, and financial and business modeling. Participants are tasked with forming a student team that will identify a school-based challenge and develop a prototype solution that may help address the challenge identified.

Faculty will leverage the entrepreneurial skills, frameworks, and tools shared in the training to accomplish that goal.

Free training kits include:

  • Free books
  • Engaging experiential activities
  • Free materials and supplies
  • Leading-edge instructional approaches

This program is designed to provide entrepreneurial mindset strategies that leverage design thinking, effectuation, and business model prototyping.

Entrepreneur Educator Training (EET) Photos

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Dale Mabry
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