Explore Your Interests

HCC offers more than 180 degrees and certificates in a wide range of fields. We've grouped them into 18 subject areas to help you navigate your options. 

  • Smiling white adult male wearing a business suit sitting in a lounge leaning forward with students in the background

    Accounting and Business

    Business skills can open doors in careers from investments and banking to marketing and public relations. Our programs position you for success.

  • A young asian student holding a Canon camera on a tripod, next to a black male student who's looking at architectural models

    Architecture and Building Trades

    Artistic talent and an eye for detail are common traits in architecture, construction and welding. HCC lays the groundwork for a lucrative career.


  • A diverse group of students outside of Ybor City next to a camcorder on a tripod


    Are you creative and tech-savvy? Media arts technology can lead to exciting careers in television or radio, graphic design or digital media.


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    Counseling and Human Services

    Prepare for careers in counseling, social work and human development through classroom learning and internships.

  • 13DM_Preschool_035


    Do you feel called to teach? Our early childhood degree and education pathways offer real-world experience and excellent instruction.

  • Engineering male students in a classroom welding wires and circuits


    Put your imagination and dexterity to work. Biotechnology and engineering technology offer high-paying career opportunities.

  • Environmental science instructor examining bamboo


    With many companies becoming more sustainable, environmental science continues to increase in relevance. Discover careers that chart new paths.

  • 15PC_Nursing_018

    Health and Medical

    If you enjoy science and caring for others, health sciences may be your field. Skilled, dedicated healthcare professionals are always in high demand. 

  • Smiling female hispanic student wearing a black chef's jacket, holding a tray of food in the Gourmet Room restaurant

    Hospitality and Culinary

    Florida is a prime location for the hospitality industry. Explore the career options such as chef, restaurant manager or event planner.

  • two female students in a biology class


    This interdisciplinary program encourages students to broaden their views by studying history, literature, fine arts, philosophy and foreign languages.

  • Smiling white male student holding a laptop standing next to a Cisco server rack in a classroom with other students

    Information Technology

    Training in information technology can help you land positions in internet services, network administration, computer programming and more.

  • one of our male criminal justice institute students smiling at the camera.

    Law, Public Safety and Security

    Public service is a truly honorable pursuit. Criminal justice, fire science and law offer exciting work environments and rewarding careers.

  • instructor and student in a science lab classroom

    Math and Science

    Find your fit in mathematics and science. Whether your goal is to be a scientist, or you just love math, discover the infinite possibilities.

  • 12YB_Workforce_031

    Office Administration

    Customize a program to suit your talents and goals. Train for jobs like office manager, human resource technician, sales representative or medical coder.

  • 15YB_Theatre_002

    Performing Arts

    From the beauty of dance to the dynamics of theatre to the intricacies of music, the performing arts offer endless forms of expression.

  • students in classroom

    Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Explore the fascinating world of social and behavioral sciences and how they apply to so many fields.

  • Auto Tech student working on a car


    Master a lucrative trade with our automotive degrees and certificates. Our Ybor City Campus Training Center offers innovative spaces for hands-on learning.


  • 16YB_Printmaking_015

    Visual Arts and Design

    Learn to speak the language of imagery as you engage in the study of visual arts and design in both historical and contemporary contexts.