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AS.SON (77 Credit Hours) | Part of the Health and Medical Subject

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Sonography is a medical specialty that uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the human body. This program focuses on abdomen-extended, obstetrics and gynecology.  Physicians analyze these images to aid in diagnosis.

The diagnostic medical sonography AS degree prepares you to take the national registry examination to become a certified sonographer who provides imaging services under the supervision of a physician.

Graduates of this AS degree program are granted admission into the health sciences Bachelor's degree program at the University of North Florida.

Sonography Program Handbook

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Information Session Dates
Attendance at one of the information sessions is mandatory.  Your application will not be considered complete if you have not attended an information session.

  • Monday, July 15, 2024 at 11 a.m. on Microsoft Teams

    Monthly Mandatory Information Session Opportunities for Fall 2024 will be posted in August.

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These information sessions will be held online using Microsoft Teams. Please register for the information session you would like to attend. You will receive an email with instructions and a link to join the session at least 48 hours prior to your selected information session. 

This curriculum is from the current college catalog and is meant to provide prospective students an example of courses taken in this degree/certificate.  It is not intended to be used for graduation requirements. Students should consult an advisor for graduation information.

Prerequisite Courses Required for Admission

†BSC 2085 Anatomy and Physiology I - 3 cr.
†BSC 2085L Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory - 1 cr.
†BSC 2086 Human Anatomy and Physiology II - 3 cr.
†BSC 2086L Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory - 1 cr.
†ENC 1101 English Composition I - 3 cr.
†MAC 1105 College Algebra or higher math course in pathway - 3 cr.
†PHY 1025 Fundamentals of Physics - 3 cr.
†PHY 1025L Fundamentals of Physics Laboratory - 1 cr.

Program Required Courses

YEAR I – First Semester

SON 1000 Basic Sonography - 3 cr.
SON 1311 Introduction to Cross Sectional Anatomy - 1 cr.
SON 1804C Introduction to Practicum I - 2 cr.
Humanities General Education CORE - 3 cr.

YEAR I – Second Semester

RTE 1782 Pathology of Medical and Surgical Diseases - 3 cr.
SON 1053 Sonographic Imaging of Medical/Surgical Diseases - 1 cr.
SON 1100 Sonographic Scanning Protocol I - 1 cr.
SON 1210 Introduction to Sonographic Physics and Instrumentation - 3 cr.
SON 1312 Introduction to Cross Sectional Anatomy II - 1 cr.
SON 1840 Introduction to Practicum II - 1 cr.

YEAR I – Third Semester

†AMH 2020 Modern American History or †POS 2041, American Government - 3 cr.
†SON 1101 Sonographic Scanning Protocol II - 1 cr.
SON 1850 Introduction to Practicum III - 1 cr.
SON 1171C Introduction to Vascular Technology -  2 cr.

YEAR II – First Semester

SON 1313 Introduction to Cross Sectional Anatomy III - 1 cr.
SON 2111 Abdominal Sonography I - 3 cr.
SON 2121 Obstetrics and Gynecology Sonography I - 4 cr.
SON 2814 Sonographic Clinical Practicum I - 3 cr.

YEAR II – Second Semester

SON 2112 Abdominal Sonography II - 3 cr.
SON 2122 Obstetrics and Gynecology Sonography II - 3 cr.
SON 2211 Sonographic Physics and Instrumentation - 3 cr.
SON 2211L Sonographic Physics and Instrumentation Laboratory - 1 cr.
SON 2824 Sonographic Clinical Practicum II - 3 cr.

YEAR II – Third Semester

†SON 2061 Seminar in Sonography - 3 cr.
SON 2834 Sonographic Clinical Practicum III - 3 cr.
SON 2175C Vascular Technology - 3 cr.

†Courses symbolized by a dagger (†) are offered online in addition to the traditional delivery method. Online availability may vary by academic term.

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