Ybor City Campus SGA

SGA Mission, Goals and Objectives

Mission Statement

HCC Ybor City Student Government Association (SGA) serves the student body by empowering and inspiring students towards success. The Association fosters a better campus community built on integrity, respect, and unity. It serves as a resource for students to achieve their academic, extracurricular, and personal goals; and provides transparency between student leaders and campus administration. SGA also serves as the voice of the student body in matters involving the college administration, faculty, and staff. The mission of Student Government Association (SGA) is also to provide workshops for students to educate them about personal development and professional life skills. 


The shared goal of SGA is to educate students on current issues of the college, by keeping them informed through marketing strategies, including social media, SGA Newsletters, programming, and press releases. Our hope this year is to engage students in the activities and workshops we host and the issues we advocate for on their behalf. 


  • Provide transparency between student leaders and the campus administration. 
  • Create techniques for students to realize full potential in SGA. 
  • Address student concerns and needs on campus. 
  • Provide leadership skills to members and the diverse student body. 
  • Host workshops and events to help with retention.  

Current students, please see more information about SGA on the Ybor City Campus SGA Student Intranet page. 

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