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Foreign Language AA Pathway

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AA.FORL (60 Credit Hours) | Part of the Humanities Subject

The Foreign Language AA pathway is for students who plan to transfer to a Florida public university as a junior to complete a bachelors’ degree with a major or minor in a Foreign Language.

The Foreign Language program builds competencies in listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture and is normally a 4-semester sequence. Proficiency at the intermediate level is required to enter a bachelors’ degree program. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to choose elective interdisciplinary courses that further develop their cultural, social and historical knowledge.

This broad interdisciplinary approach can lead to a variety of career paths in government and international affairs, business, journalism, service professions, education, criminal justice, social sciences and public health.

Students who plan to transfer to a limited access program are responsible for completing the specific requirements of the institution to which they will transfer since completion of this pathway does not guarantee admission to an upper division limited access program. Students in this pathway must complete all required college‐preparatory courses, prerequisites for the listed course requirements. Courses meeting the preceding requirements may be in addition to the 60 credit hours listed.

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