Seed Funding

Fund Your Future

The Hillsborough Community College Entrepreneurship Program, in partnership with our local and national supporters offers various funding opportunities for your business. 


Everyday Entrepreneurship Venture Fund

Thanks to the generosity of the Everyday Entrepreneur Venture Fund, HCC was selected to provide a matching $500,000 seed fund to everyday entrepreneurs..  Upon completion of one of our college credit entrepreneurship programs, you will qualify to apply for up-seed funding. See below for more details.

African American male giving a speech

Business Pitch Competitions

During the year, InLab@HCC offers various business pitch competitions through our college credit program, the Veterans Entrepreneurship Training Symposium, the Social Entrepreneurship Education Day, and other events. Check back here periodically for detailed information on new pitch competition funding opportunities.

Everyday Entrepreneur Venture Fund

Whether you have an existing business or just an idea for a business, we prepare you to reach new heights through our entrepreneurship education programs, active mentoring, and funding through EEVF. We can help you meet the following eligibility criteria:

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Complete one of the HCC college credit entrepreneurship programs or the STRIVE training program.
  2. ​Complete a validated business model, feasibility plan, and set of financial statements.
  3. Form a legal business entity.
  4. Have a business website and short video that explains your business.
  5. Complete the EEVF funding application.