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Home Staging Specialist CCC

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    Dale Mabry
CCC.HM.STG.SPEC (12 Credit Hours) | Part of the Architecture and Building Trades Subject

The purpose of this program is to prepare students for careers in the interior design industry as home staging specialists. Home staging specialists are trained to design room layouts for the home furnishings and decor retail industry and prepare interior room layouts to market homes for the real estate industry. 

This curriculum is from the current catalog and is meant to provide prospective students a guide/pathway to complete the following certificate track. Students are highly-encouraged to follow the curriculum track as outlined below. Please note that some courses within the degrees and certificates are not offered every term and only certain courses may be offered as distance-learning modality. Some courses in the track may require prerequisite coursework. Students should consult the Department Chair, Joseph Tisdale, for advising questions.

Program Required Courses

YEAR I – First Semester

ARC 1180C Introduction to Digital Architecture - 3 cr.
IND 1020C Introduction to Interior Design - 3 cr.
IND 1420 Materials and Methods - 3 cr.
IND 1606C Functions and Psychology of Space - 3 cr.

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