Echocardiography FAQs

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Q: How long does it take to complete the Echocardiography AS degree? 
A: The program is 21 months after admission, regardless of how many college credits of general education classes the student has, or regardless of what degree/degrees in other fields the applicant was previously awarded.

Q: How much does the program cost? 
A: The program has 77 credit hours including the 18 credit/hours for the prerequisite classes. Current tuition and fees can be found on our Tuition and Fees webpage

Q: Are there any additional costs beside tuition? 
A: Cost for books is about $1,600 and uniforms are about $400. These estimates are for the whole two years in the program.

Q: Is there a waiting list?  
A: No. The selection of candidates is not based on first-come, first-serve system. Every year admission is based on prerequisite GPA.

Q: Is it true that an echocardiography technologist works mostly in the OR department or cardiac catherization lab?
A: There are two types of cardiovascular technology. The invasive and the non-invasive. The first is also called cardiac cath. technology, and primarily works helping physicians in the operating room or in cardiac catherization laboratories.  For more information about this program please visit, The second cardiovascular technology is the non-invasive, also called echocardiography, or cardiovascular sonography (ultrasound of the heart and vascular system).

Q: If I have a Bachelor/Master Degree in a different field, do I have preference for admission to this program? 
A: No. Every applicant will have the same equal opportunity, according to his or her GPA in the five prerequisite courses, regardless of previous degrees/titles.

Q: Can I apply to the program before completing the prerequisite courses?  
A: No, because admission to the program is strictly based on the GPA on the five prerequisite courses. .  Math and Science prerequisite courses must be completed within seven (7) years of the program’s admissions deadline.  All other prerequisite courses do not expire, but can be petitioned to be repeated for a better grade if the course is older than seven (7) years prior to the admissions deadline..

Q: Is there a deadline to apply? 
A: Yes, application deadline is every February 15.

Q: When do the classes start? 
A: Once selection is completed classes start once a year in August.

Q: If I am taking the prerequisite courses in spring, can I apply for Fall semester?
A: No, because by the time you finish classes for spring semester the selection process will be over. The Selection Committee needs grades of all prerequisite courses by the deadline, to establish a ranking of all applicants in order to make the selection.

Q: Are there any night classes for this program? 
A: No, all classes are day-time from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Q: What salary can a echocardiography technologist expect to make? 
A: This depends on the employer, type of work setting (out patient clinic or hospital). In a recent survey (graduating class of 2014) the annual average in the Tampa Bay area is $51,760 a year.

Please go to and look for employment compensation survey.

Q: Are there any additional requirements once a student is accepted into this program? 
A: Yes, applicants are required to: 
1. Pass a drug screening test. This test is administrated the same than the orientation day. 
2. Have a current physical examination submitted in the HEALTH SCIENCE DEPARTMENT PHYSICAL EXAM FORM. A licensed physician or a Licensed Nurse Practitioner must complete the form. A copy of the form will be provided during the Sonography program orientation day. 
3. Have and maintain current BCLS for Healthcare Providers certification. 
4. Attend orientation. Final acceptance in the program will be contingent upon student attending the scheduled orientation session. Students will be notified of the time and place in their acceptance letter.

Q: Is Echocardiography offered on any campus other than Dale Mabry? 
A: No, because of classroom and laboratory equipment availability, echocardiography classes and laboratory practice are conducted only at the Dale Mabry campus.

Q: Is the Echocardiography program offered online?
A: Currently we do not offer online classes

Q: Where the clinical sites are located? If I live in Fort Myers, can I do my clinical practices in Fort Myers? 
A: All our clinical sites are located in the Tampa Bay area (Bradenton, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties). We do not have legal affiliation agreements with clinical sites outside the Tampa Bay area.

Q: What is the goal of the Echocardiography Program?
“To prepare competent entry-level cardiovascular sonographers in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and the affective (behavior) learning domains.”