Health Sciences Program Costs

Tuition: Health sciences credit classes cost per hour are the same as any other HCC credit course with the exception of Dental Assisting. Dental Assisting is a Post-Secondary Adult Vocational (PSAV) program and the cost for PSAV classes is calculated differently from credit courses. For specific information on the credits for each course and the tuition costs, refer to the current College catalog. 

Tuition is paid each term, and the amount of tuition owed is a total of the number of credit hours that the student is enrolled in for that term times the hourly tuition cost.  The exception is Dental Assisting and the costs for this program are calculated on a clock hour formula.

Other required costs: Books, uniforms, laboratory, and other fees are additional expenses that are required and are paid by the student. Books and fees occur each term. These costs are significant. In addition to the above costs, all students are responsible for transportation, parking, and insurance (if applicable) and the following fees: Health Science application fee, drug test fee, experiential credit fee (if applicable), and transcript fee. There may be additional fees for background screening and other requirements.

Financial Aid: Federal, State and institutional financial aid is available for qualified students. Applicants should contact their campus Financial Aid Office for the appropriate forms and processing procedures. Interested students may also access this information at

Scholarships: Hospitals and health care institutions, local and national employers, professional organizations, and private individuals have created scholarships through foundations including the HCC Foundation to assist students in health sciences programs. Contact an HCC Counselor for further information on these opportunities.

Wings: The Wings Program is a special services program designed and administered to assist AS and Certificate Program students who are receiving a Pell Grant. Assistance may include textbook vouchers, partial tuition, and partial childcare assistance. Contact the Wings Coordinator at 813.253.7046 for further information.



(Including all courses except prep, if needed)          


(Including all courses, except prep, if needed)

Lab Fees

Uniforms, Name Bage, Instruments, CPR, Physical, Immunizations, Misc.

Certification Exams, License Fees

Cardiovascular Technology





Board Cert. $475

Counseling and Human Services






Dental Assisting






Dental Hygiene




$4,151(uniforms, physical, CPR, instruments, supplies)


Diagnostic Medical Sonography





Board Cert. $950

Emergency Medical Services:

     AS Degree





(non-EMT & Paramedic)















EMT and/or Paramedic:









Medical Lab Science






Nuclear Medicine




$550 (uniforms, CPR radiation badges, physical)

Natl. Board and St. license $385



















Optical Man. AS


Opticianry AS


   ATC-Visual Assess

   CCC-Eye Care Tech

   CCC-Ophth. Lab























Natl. Certs-$450

St. License-$425

License Fee-$155

Radiation Therapy (AS)




$600 (uniforms, CPR, radiation badge, physical)

ARRT Exam-$200

Fl. License-  $50


Therapy Certificate





$600 (uniforms, CPR, radiation badge, physical)

ARRT Exam-$200

Fl. License- $50






$550 (Uniforms, radiation badge, lead markers, physical)

ARRT Exam-$200

Fl. License- $50

Respiratory Care


Respiratory Care-Tran










$1025 (scrubs, CPR,

stethoscope, scissors, physical, ins.)

Board Registry $390

Fl. License $165