Nursing FAQs

Q: Why choose HCC Nursing?

  • Dedicated, talented, qualified faculty and accomplished students create an environment of learning.
  • Affordable tuition.
  • Eleven other Health Sciences programs at HCC to learn alongside.
  • Full accreditation from Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN; formerly NLNAC).
  • Work as a nurse after graduating, and then continue your education with our bachelor’s degree partners. 
  • High degree of satisfaction from graduates.
  • Diversity of students and faculty contribute to quality of education.
  • Faculty on site when you are doing clinical rotations.
  • Students receive hands on instruction at all major area hospital and agencies.
  • State-of-the-art simulation equipment. 

Q: What are the requirements for the Nursing Program?
A: If accepted the Nursing Program students must have the following:

1. Criminal background check demonstrating they have not been convicted of any crime outlined in Administrative Procedure 3.200 and 3.201.
2. High School Diploma or GED
3. Minimum of 2.8 college cumulative grade (excluding college preparatory courses)
4. Completion (prior to submitting an application)of the following 21 credit hours of Nursing Program general education pre-requisite courses with no less than a C grade in each course
†AMH 2020 Modern American History or †POS 2041, American Government - 3 cr.
†BSC 2085 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, 3 cr.
†BSC 2085L Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory, 1 cr.
†BSC 2086 Human Anatomy and Physiology II, 3 cr.
†BSC 2086L Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory, 1 cr.
†ENC 1101 English Composition I, 3 cr.
†MAC 1105 College Algebra or higher mathematics, 3 cr. (Note: Statistics courses are not accepted)
†MCB 2000 Microbiology and Human Disease, 3 cr.
†MCB 2000L Microbiology and Human Disease Laboratory, 1 cr.

†Courses symbolized by a dagger (†) are offered online in addition to the traditional delivery method. Online availability may vary by academic term.

The above-listed courses must be completed with no less than a C grade in each course, PRIOR to submitting an application to the Nursing Program. Math and Science prerequisite courses must be completed within seven (7) years of the program’s admissions deadline.  All other prerequisite courses do not expire, but can be petitioned to be repeated for a better grade if the course is older than seven (7) years prior to the admissions deadline.

Q: Do I need to take a pre-admission test prior to submitting my application? 
A: All applicants must achieve a comprehensive test score of 60 or above on the ATI TEAS pre-admission test. The record of this score must be submitted with their application documents. Information on registering for this test can be found on the nursing application site.

Q: Can I finish up my prerequisites while in the nursing program?
A: No, you must complete your prerequisites first and then you may apply.

Q: How many credit hours is the program and how long will it take to complete?
A: The total credit hours for the program is 72.
The duration of the program is as follows:
Prerequisites = 1 year (Both - Basic and Transition Programs)
Basic Program = 4 semesters fall and spring no classes offered in the summer
Transition Program = 3 semesters summer, fall and spring

Q: Is there a separate track for the Licensed Practical Nurse seeking an RN degree? 
A: Yes, this is our Transition Program and it is held on the Dale Mabry campus only. This program is only offered during the day. 

Q: On what campus are the Nursing courses offered?
A: The Basic Nursing Program is offered during the day at the Dale Mabry, Plant City and SouthShore campuses. The LPN to RN Transition Program is only offered at the Dale Mabry campus during the day. The Dale Mabry Campus offers an evening/weekend option.

Q: What are the times for the evening/weekend program?
A: It is 2-3 days a week beginning at 5 pm. Time will vary depending on the course and semester. Clinical is on Saturday, for 8-10 hours. Lab and Simulation may be scheduled on an additional evening or on Saturday. Time or day may vary according to type of clinical assignments.

Q: What type of experiences will be offered and what is the expected time commitment?
A: Coursework includes classroom instruction; pre-arranged clinical experiences, mandatory labs and selected community clinical experiences. Both the Basic and the Transition program require a FULL TIME commitment.

Q: How many days a week/hours will I spend in class and clinical? 
A:  For all semesters in the Nursing Program class days range from 2-3 days a week.  Class and clinical hours can be 15-16 hours a week.  In some courses additional days and hours may be added to accommodate achievement of student learning objectives.

Please remember you will also need to plan 2-3 hours per credit per week for study time. Study groups within your class are encouraged and can be helpful to clarify information presented in class.

Q: Where can I find information on the cost of the program? 
A: Please see the Program Expenses webpage for information on program costs. Additional costs following graduation are for an application for a nursing license and the fee for the NCLEX Licensure exam.

Q: Can I transfer into the Nursing Program?
A: The following policies and procedures related to admission and transfer of NURSING COLLEGE CREDIT HOURS to the HCC Nursing Program:
1. IMPORTANT: If you have not taken a Nursing course within ONE YEAR, acceptance will be denied for transfer. 
2. Apply to the HCC Nursing Program according to the application process found on website. 
3. If accepted:
Request OFFICIAL transcripts to be available for review by the Director of Nursing.
Submit college Catalog course descriptions with transcript, of the nursing courses completed for which transfer credit is being requested.
Provide a letter to be sent to the Nursing department from your previous Nursing Program Director verifying you are leaving their program in good standing, which means they would allow you to return to their program after leaving.

4. We will ONLY accept ONE semester worth of nursing credits. Three quarters of the nursing program must be completed at HCC.
5. To transfer any nursing credits, your previous school must be regionally accredited as well as accredited by ACEN.

You are welcome to seek advisement related to the academic courses required in the Nursing program by making an appointment through the Nursing office at the Dale Mabry Campus, or contacting the Health Science Advisor.

Q: How can I obtain an application?
A: This is a two-step application.
1) Applicants who are new to HCC must complete an application to the college. This application may be obtained through the Nursing website or by downloading it from the HCC Apply Online webpage.
2) An application for the nursing program is also required. This application may be obtained from the Nursing website.

Q: Are there any additional requirements once a student is accepted into the Nursing Program?
A: Yes. Applicants must:
a) - return confirmation form A, the drug test fee by the deadline printed on the acceptance letter.
b) - have a current CPR for Healthcare Providers certification.
c) - have a current physical examination and immunizations submitted on the Nursing Program’s physical exam form. A licensed physician or a Licensed Nurse Practitioner must complete the form. A copy of the form will be provided during the nursing program orientation.
d) - attend a mandatory orientation. Final acceptance into the nursing program will be contingent upon the student attending the scheduled orientation session. Students will be notified of the time and place in their acceptance letter.
e) - must pass a drug-screening test.
f) - have a clean FDLE background

Q: Which hospitals are used for clinical affiliation?
A: They change and we also do use  other sites that include community locations and mental health facilities

Q: Does the nursing program utilize standardized testing?
A: Yes, most courses utilize standardized testing as well as computer based learning programs and e-texts.

Q: What are the application deadlines?
A:January 15 - SUMMER Entry 
Transition Option:
LPN to RN/ Dale Mabry only

May 15 – FALL Entry
Program Options:
Basic - Dale Mabry, Southshore and Plant City - Daytime

August 15 - SPRING Entry
Program Options: 
Basic - Dale Mabry, Southshore and Plant City - Daytime 
Basic – Dale Mabry – Evening /Weekend
At this time, we do not accept late applications.

Q: Where do I send my Nursing application? 
A: At this time, we are not accepting mailed or in-person drop off applications.  You must email your completed application to  We highly suggest you request a read receipt when emailing your application. 

Q: Do you have a waiting list?
A: No, we do not have a waiting list. If you did not get accepted into the nursing program the first time, you will need to reapply.

Q: Who can I speak with about getting started on my prerequisites?
A: You can contact an academic advisor