Opticianry AS FAQs

Q: What is the difference between MyHCC and the Opticianry Website?
A: MyHCC is the area of the HCC Website that allows access to your online courses. Canvas Learning System is the delivery method of the Opticianry Courses. Canvas only houses the content of the courses a Student is registered for. It does not have any general Opticianry Program information.
The Opticianry Website is the area Students access for all general Opticianry Program information. As a Current Opticianry Student you should access this site on a regular basis for program information, submission (every semester) of Clinical Site information.

Q: What is the difference between Vision Care Clinicals and other Lab Courses?
A: Vision Care Clinicals are courses that give Opticianry Students the opportunity to practice their skills in Dispensing. These courses are “hands-on” work and do not require quizzes or exams. “On-campus” Clinicals require 3 hours of participation per week. “Off-campus” Clinicals generally require 6 hours of participation per week.
Lab Courses are courses that supplement Theory Courses. These courses require “hands-on” projects, assignments, quizzes and exams that relate directly to theory information provided in Lecture Courses.

Q: How do “On-campus” Labs and Clinicals differ from “Off-campus” labs and Clinicals?
A: “On-campus” and “Off-campus” Labs and Clinicals provide the same information and content and require the completion of the same objectives. The difference is simply where the work is completed.
“On-campus” Labs and Clinicals are held at either HCC Dale Mabry Campus, Tampa or Florida Southwestern State College Ft Myers Campus, Ft Myers, FL.
“Off-campus” Labs and Clinicals are attended at various Opticals in a Student’s area. These locations can be any approved location that can provide the equipment and means necessary to complete the objectives of a Lab or Clinical Course.
Any Student attending Labs and/ or Clinicals “Off-campus” must submit the contact and location information of the site EVERY semester regardless of the site being the same as the previous semester.

Q: How do I get my Mentor Site approved?
A: Simply identify the site (company name, contact person’s name, location, address, phone number) to the HCC Opticianry Program through the Opticianry Website (under Current Student Information-
Submit Mentor Information Form)

Q: How do I find a Mentor Site?
A: Contact/ visit Optical shops in your area, explain that you are an HCC Opticianry Student needing practical experience, and ask if they would be willing to support you at their location. Should they need additional information or should they like to contact us, please forward the Program’s contact information to the Mentoring site.

Q: Do I have to be employed by my Mentor Site?
A: No. However, many companies required employment as a condition of mentorship. These decisions are at the discretion of the company.

Q: What is the difference between “On-campus” and “Off-campus” Theory Courses?
A: “On-campus” and “Off-campus” Theory Courses provide the same information and content and require the completion of the same objectives. The difference is simply the delivery method. On-campus Theory courses are conducted "face-to-face" between the student and the instructor. Off-campus Theory Courses are conducted through instructional lecture videos. The lecture videos are accessible 24 hours per day.

Q: Do I need to attend any “On-campus” sessions of I am a Distance Learning Student?
A: The only “On-campus” attendance requirement for Distance Learning Students is to take Final Exams during Final Exam week. Finals are administered at the end of every semester. Final Exams have written and practical evaluations, therefore on-campus attendance is mandatory for Final Evaluations.

Q: How is my attendance tracked if I am a Distance Learning Student?
A: “On-campus” Student attendance is recorded weekly by class attendance and “Off-campus” Student attendance is very similar. Instructors review Student Log-in reports on a weekly basis. Distance Learning Students should access each of their courses on a regular basis at least weekly. All Students are to be aware of assignment, project and quiz submission deadlines per the Course Calendars.

Q: Can I access my MyHCC/ Canvas courses at any time?
A: Yes, however, courses are only available beginning the first day of the semester and all objectives must be completed prior to Final Exam Week.

Q: Where do I get Registration, Textbook, and Final Exam Schedule Information for each semester?
A: Please go to the student intranet at MyHCC and navigate to Academics > Health Sciences > Opticianry for this information.