​​Cisco's CCNA Network Academy Program

Highly qualified technicians are in demand.

The Information Technology Association of America recently reported that there are approximately 190,000 unfilled positions for Information Technology employees in the United States alone. Lack of skilled workers was cited as the primary reason for this problem.

Technology companies expect to increase their information technology (IT) staffs during the next several years. Nearly 70% of technology  companies cite the lack of skilled IT workers as a significant barrier to growth.

The demand for networking professionals of all skill levels exceeds the available supply of skilled workers. However, there is a critical shortage of professionals with expert networking skills. By obtaining your Cisco certification, you will have the credentials to land these expert-level jobs and the skills necessary to deploy and manage one of the most popular networking systems in the I.T. industry.

To help prepare students for jobs in the computer networking industry, Cisco Systems created the Networking Academy program. Hillsborough Community College, offering degree programs in Networking and other Computer Technology programs, has been designated a Local Networking Academy by Cisco.

CCNA Professional Certification

Following the completion of a three-course curriculum, including hands-on experience working with Cisco switches and routers, students become eligible to take the exam for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. CCNA certification is only the first step in establishing a career as a networking professional. Certification prepares students for openings in a talent-hungry networking job market.

The Cisco Networking Academy is a complete three-course program on the principles and practice of designing, building and maintaining networks capable of supporting national and global organizations.

Cisco provides course work at HCC for a complete range of basic through advanced networking concepts - from the introduction to basic networking concepts through such advanced concepts as subnet masking rules and strategies to our newest course in cybersecurity, CIS 2772 Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals.

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